TRON Inventor Talks About FTX! Will they save?

The FTX crisis continues to be on the agenda with the statements of many in the cryptocurrency space. Justin Sun, the founder of the TRON ecosystem, made a live broadcast about FTX. Here are Sun’s statementsā€¦

TRON inventor makes a statement

Justin Sun, who gave hope to the market with the explanations for the recovery of FTX, came to the agenda with his new statements. Speaking on a live broadcast, Sun explained that “it is in talks with FTX.” But he stated that he “doesn’t want anyone to have any expectations in this regard”. Sun explained that what needs to be done is to unite and protect the industry.

He also stated that they needed time to do a full and complete research on FTX. Sun said that he did not have clear information about the deficit in FTX’s balance sheet. But, “I would say we’re talking about billions,” he said. There is no random stricture that they continue with the process, as they don’t know what the net number is. Sun used the following words:

There are rumors of 4 billion dollars, 8 billion. First of all, I can say that we will take care of our own users. Frankly, we don’t want to jump headfirst.

In other words, Sun underlined that it is necessary to look at the financial statement in order to establish a random subsidiary with FTX or to close the debts by purchasing the stock market. Furthermore, Sun appreciated Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao’s audacity to take the first step towards the issue. Sun stated that other cryptocurrency exchanges are also doing a good job. For this reason, he stated that even if FTX goes bankrupt, the branch will continue in a good condition.

The article is being updated, more to comeā€¦

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