TRON Inventor Announces: 3 Altcoins Launched!

TRON founder Justin Sun made a valuable announcement for 3 altcoin projects related to Tron Heco merger. The news helped prices recover amid the calm.

After the news of Tron, these 3 altcoins peaked

After Justin Sun announced his investment in Huobi Tokens, Tron Heco made another announcement. The Tron founder said that Tron and the BitTorrent ecosystem will now work with Heco developers. As a result, the Tron community opted to purchase the Heco merger announcement. In just one hour, the Tron (TRX) price peaked by over 7%.

Tron (TRX) was not the only altcoin to rise after the news. At similar rates, the price of Bittorent (BTTC) and Huobi Token (HT) also started to rise. BTTC is the TRC-10 based cryptocurrency of the BitTorrent ecosystem with a total supply of 990 billion. BTTC price appreciated the news in double digits. Huobi’s native token, HT, keeps the momentum it gained after the announcement around 7%. It gained over 10% in value at one point during the day.

What is Heco Chain?

HECO Chain (Heco) is a highly efficient and power-saving public blockchain. Compatible with smart contracts. It also relies on high-performance processes. The addition of Heco to the Tron ecosystem makes sense given the fact that its endogenous token is the Huobi Token. Thanks to Justin Sun’s announcement about Huobi, its price spiked a lot earlier in the day.

The Tron Heco merge initiative has been a long-term effort by the developers in the grand mission of connecting many Blockchains. During the launch of the BitTorrent Chain testnet last year, the group announced its plans to support Heco Chain. In this context, Justin Sun said that the ecosystem will bring all Heco developers to a place to bring TRON and BitTorrent together:

We will combine the TRON and BitTorrent Chain ecosystem with Heco. We will distribute enough capital to encourage all Heco developers to build on TRON and BitTorrent Chain together. Let’s do it!

next steps As you follow, Justin Sun has recently become a member of Huobi Global’s new advisory committee. After that, it announced plans to revive the crypto exchange in areas such as brand upgrading, empowerment, and business collaboration. The revival plan was triggered by a recent change in Huobi’s leadership. The founder of the exchange, Leon Li, sold his entire controlling stake to Hong Kong-based About Capital Management.

Leon Li previously announced on Capital its plans to have a leading global strategic advisory council, inject capital into margin and hedge funds, and strategies to increase competitiveness.

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