Tomorrow is the Big Day for These 8 Altcoins: Here’s What They’ll Be!

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is leaving another week behind. This process, which saw sharp decreases on a weekly basis, also hosted the developments in many cryptocurrencies. For example, Cardano (ADA) performed the long-awaited Vasil hard fork on September 22 this week, as we are about to leave behind. These stylistic developments continue to happen every day. You can already be ready for what will happen tomorrow, on the first day of the new week. The list below includes altcoin developments and stock market listings that will take place on Monday. Here are the details…

8 altcoin projects will start the week with big developments

  • (SFUND) will take a screenshot of the wallet of SNFTS stakers who will be whitelisted in The AVATAR collection.
  • Bitbank is listing Astar (ASTR) with Japanese yen pair tomorrow.
  • KuCoin lists Sandclock (QUARTZ) in USDT pair at 13:00 CET tomorrow.
  • LBank lists Privateum (PRI) in USDT pair at 15:00 CET tomorrow.
  • Bitforex is listing Galxe (GAL) with USDT pair tomorrow.
  • Digifinex lists IMOV (IMT) tomorrow at 23 pm.
  • Pocket Network (POKT) will hold a question-answer event on Discord tomorrow.
  • Digifinex lists LunaGens (LUNG) tomorrow at 17 pm.

What is the latest situation in the market?

Meanwhile, it is useful to look at the changes in price, regardless of the developments in the ecosystem. As the week ends, Bitcoin (BTC) exhibits a value change of 0.1 percent in the last 24 hours. The price of BTC is struggling not to drop to $18,000 at the $19,090, level. On the other hand, the leading altcoin Ethereum (ETH) suffered a price loss of 0.3 percent. The price of ETH is currently at $1,326. Koindeks.comAs we have also reported, the current situation of ETH, which lost more than 20 percent in value after Merge was implemented, can be seen relatively better.

It should also be noted that these two largest cryptocurrencies have dropped by an average of 7 percent over the past week. Other cryptocurrencies in general have had a volatile week on their own. But many now exhibit significantly more stability. Even though the Vasil upgrade went live a few days ago, Cardano is pretty quiet. Solana and Shiba Inu are also seeing progress in small increments.

In contrast, Binance Coin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Polkadot, MATIC, Avalanche and Tron are experiencing slight decreases. Chainlink has been the most proficient player amid larger and medium-sized altcoins. LINK is up 5 percent today and is currently trading at almost $8. Finally, the overall cumulative market cap of all crypto assets was also quiet and quickly below $950 billion.

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