This Altcoin Spoken By Vitalik Buterin Made 5,700 Percent!

An altcoin project is coming to life, which is featured in the tweet of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. The token, which was created shortly after Buterin’s tweet, made 5,700% after being listed on Huobi Global.

Huobi Global lists altcoin project mentioned by Vitalik Buterin

The Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange has decided to support an altcoin trend that started with Vitalik Buterin. In a tweet hours ago, Vitalik announced that he had listed DIE, the latest chest coin inspired by Buterin’s tweet, shortly after its creation. As you follow, a similar event occurred around THE Protocol (THE) yesterday. Later, someone decided to adapt this language game into German. Before that, it should be noted that Buterin proposed THE token as the DIE token. Buterin tweeted about THE Protocol (THE), which roughly means DIE in German, while crypto DIE is even funnier in Chinese.

Subsequently, the DIE token went live in less than 2 hours. Anonymous developers created a protocol called DIE. They also embellished it with a Twitter account. In less than 24 hours, due to the hype from the Buterin influence, the project has now reached a market value of over $11 million. In particular, it was noted that it was listed on other well-known exchanges such as MEXC Global and Hotbit.

Vitalik Buterin inspired a series of altcoins

DIE Protocol came just days after THE Protocol was launched, as the Ethereum founder said. Notably, THE token managed to make a profit of 1000% on Tuesday, as reported by Nansen. In the middle, DIE has increased by over 5,700% in the last 24 hours according to DEXTOOLS data.

Like THE and Shiba Inu before him, the group behind DIE claims to have sent a percentage of the supply to Vitalik Buterin. DIE is currently seeing processes around 0.000002259. It accounts for over 90% of Uniswap volume.

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