This Altcoin Might Be Hacked: Price Drops!

Blockchain security firm Supremacy Inc. warned ParaSwap earlier Tuesday of a potential exploit. “The private key of your distributor address may have been compromised,” the team wrote. Following the spread of this news, the price of ParaSwap’s altcoin project plummeted. Here are the details…

Hacking danger in ParaSwap

Blockchain security firm Supremacy Inc. reported that ParaSwap may have suffered an attack. ParaSwap confirmed it was investigating the incident. Supermacy Inc. first warned ParaSwap about the problem in a thread of tweets on Tuesday. “The private key of your distributor address may have been compromised,” he said. He added that “funds from multiple chains have been stolen.” ParaSwap has confirmed that it is investigating the incident by responding quickly to the posts.

Supremacy Inc. has added an Etherscan relationship to ParaSwap’s distributor contract address. The wallet’s process history revealed that someone with access to its private key made several transfers mid-Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Fantom earlier this morning. But it shows that the person in question only withdraws a few hundred dollars in each process. The ParaSwap group has not confirmed that it does the processes in return. However, he did not completely deny the possibility of a random vulnerability.

Altcoin price is losing ground

Several members of the crypto community weighed in on Supremacy Inc.’s post shortly after. Cobie, one of the servers of UpOnly, stated that ParaSwap has excluded many loyal users. He referred to the token airdrop with a solid distribution model. “It’s still not as bad PR as the airdrop,” he said of the vulnerability. PSP had suffered a short break after the airdrop. It did not recover again.

According to CoinGecko data, it is about 98.8 percent behind its all-time high today. In addition, due to hacking rumors, it suffered a priceless loss in the 24-hour period. The cryptocurrency dropped to $0.0237 while changing hands at $0.0243. Coin had recorded an all-time high on November 15, 2021. At the time, the price tag was $2.10.

Statement from the project

In a tweet following the above, ParaSwap said it found no signs of exploitation. “No vulnerabilities were found,” the project said, “and we will follow up on analysis and disclosures.”

Meanwhile, ParaSwap has recently come to the fore with an innovation in the network. According to the latest developments, the ParaSwap community will submit proposals on users’ local token emissions and redistribution of process prices. In this way, it will change the way users earn incoming rewards. The proposal from the ParaSwap DAO governance forum invites for a new reward system called “social trust”. In this way, users earn rewards by performing actions that are considered positive for the protocol.

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