This Altcoin Marked The Historic Conference! What will happen?

Speaking at the Devcon conference in Bogota, Colombia, the founder of Ethereum Name Service (ENS), Nick Johnson, shared the highly anticipated roadmap of the altcoin project.

This altcoin marked the Devcon conference

The Devcon conference took place in the middle of October 11-14 in Bogotá, Colombia. One of the speakers, ENS founder and lead developer Nick Johnson, shared what the project is currently working on. Johnson talked about how ENS DAO brings new perspectives to decentralized governance and growth of off-chain infrastructure.

The founder says the project’s roadmap includes some surprising innovations. The new midface, which will offer an easier use, is the most expensive of these. The ENS group is designing a new middle face by addressing the problems they face, based on previous experience. This will provide a faster, easier and improved experience for both new and experienced users. That said, NameWrapper is about to get started. At the presentation, Nick said that the highly anticipated “NameWrapper will be released soon.

What does NameWrapper bring?

NameWrapper is a smart contract that will allow subdomains (like sub.domain.eth) to be given as other NFTs. It is already possible to create and use subdomains. But they were not created as other NFTs. Therefore, it cannot be transferred, rented or sold in the middle of wallets. With NameWrapper, it will be possible to customize domains by revoking permission sets to change the degree of ownership.

Having a subdomain and the ability to make processes offers many possibilities:

Platforms can use subdomain infrastructure for owned user domain. Businesses can use subdomains for payments and accounting. Artisans can issue subdomains as artwork and tokens for fans and contributors. Investors can name subdomains such as tickets, access tokens, proof of authenticity (Internet of Things) and more. Brands and individuals can rent and sell subdomains.

In the middle, multiple projects such as Decentraland are already using ENS services (eg john.dcl.eth). Decentraland had to form its own special agreement to achieve this. But with NameWrapper, it will be easy for anyone to do the exact thing.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

The ENS price has risen gradually since July, reaching $20. The 87th largest cryptocurrency by market value is currently trading at $19.31. As you follow, the ENS website went back online in September after losing the domain earlier this year. ENS had nearly two million domain name registrations as of August 17.

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