‘They Can Be Dumped’ Here Are the Altcoins in the Hands of the FTX Hacker

Bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX reported on Friday that more than $400 million in funds were stolen. Hacked altcoins include Ethereum and BNB Coin, apart from FTX Token (FTT).

Here are the altcoins stolen from FTX

Blockchain security firm PeckShieldAlert shared a breakdown of hacked altcoins on Twitter today. According to the findings, hackers are currently holding about $340 million in cryptocurrencies. According to PeckShieldAlert, the address currently holds 160,000 Ethereum ($201 million), accounting for about 59% of the total funds. Amid other tokens, the stablecoin costs $85.9 million, 148,000 BNB ($41.7 million), 10,000 PAXG ($17.8 million), 145,000 Solana ($2 million), and about 30.9 million USDT blacklisted by Tether is located.

  • The address where altcoins are moved holds cryptocurrencies worth $140 million.
  • $201 million of this is Ethereum (ETH);
  • $85.9 million stablecoins;
  • $41.7 million BNB Coin (BNB);
  • $17.8 million in PAX Gold (PAXG);
  • $2 million Solana (LEFT);
  • USDT with $30.9 million frozen by Tether.

The hack came just hours after FTX and FTX.US announced their bankruptcy last weekend. The hackers emptied the wallets of both exchanges worth over $600 million in cryptocurrencies. As a result, an admin on the official FTX Telegram channel urged users to delete FTX apps and stay away from the website. Several users reported that their balance dropped to zero during the attack. Koindeks.comWe have discussed the details of the hack attack in this article.

Kraken will assist FTX in detecting hackers

FTX’s Restructuring Leader and CEO, John Ray’s Miller, said on Twitter that they made every effort to protect user funds while actively working with law enforcement in response to the attack. In addition, the information revealed that the platform is working to eliminate the withdrawal and trading functions.

In the midst of this, Kraken reports that it has identified the owner of the Kraken address associated with the hack. “We know the identity of the user,” Kraken Chief of Security Nick Percoco said in a tweet on Saturday.

Later, a spokesperson for the exchange said that they would assist FTX in catching the perpetrators:

We can confirm that our team is aware of the identity of the account associated with the ongoing influx of FTX, and we are committed to working with law enforcement to ensure they have everything they need to investigate this matter properly.

Hackers keep the mystery

It is not yet clear whether this person is directly responsible or whether their accounts were hacked. However, it is clear that the attack has significantly impacted customers’ chances of receiving fair compensation from the defunct crypto exchange. According to the previous report, crypto Twitter assumes that the hack is the work of an insider.

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