These 2 DeFi Coins Announce Giant Stakeholders!

The 2 largest DeFi coin projects of the market announced their giant partners. New collaborations are opening up new avenues for crypto enthusiasts in passive income.

Devi Revolut announces new DeFi coin partner

Digital banking giant Revolut has partnered with 1inch to promote its DeFi-focused crypto “Learn and Earn” course. Developed by 1INCH, the course features three lessons to help users understand the basics of DeFi. These three courses focus on the three branches of DeFi, including how decentralized exchanges (DEX) work, how the 1inch’s “pathfinder algorithm” works, and the administration of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO).

Users will also have the opportunity to earn tokens just by completing their training. Rewards will be made to Revolut crypto wallets in 1INCH tokens.

Revolut’s general manager of crypto, Emil Urmanshin, made the following statements about the stakeholder:

We are excited to launch a new series of lessons developed with the highly prestigious 1inch Network. This will give customers more insight into different crypto concepts.

1INCH is currently trading at $0.6208. It has a market capitalization of around 386 at the same time. According to CMC data, it is 91st in terms of market capitalization.

Filecoin collaborates with the powerful names of the Web3 division

Protocol Labs, the company behind Filecoin, has announced an alliance aimed at helping more companies transition to Web3. There are three valuable names as the founding partners of the industrial establishment:

  • Computer hardware giant Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  • Storage device manufacturer Seagate and Big 4.
  • Accounting and consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY).

Filecoin allows users to rent storage space on a network that offers decentralized data storage. In particular, the affiliate is a major competitor to centralized storage providers such as Amazon Web Services.

Filecoin and its partners are laying the foundation for development standards that will help meet the needs of decentralized storage. They will also set up working sets to address other plausible issues that could slow the Web2 to Web3 transition. James Canterbury, partner and director of EY Blockchain, said in the press release:

As global information and storage markets accelerate, there is a delay in the adoption of decentralized storage technologies

In this middle, the co-founders are not new to the crypto space. AMD’s central and graphics processing units (CPUs and GPUs) have long been used by crypto miners. Seagate had a sales spike last year due to Chia, a blockchain that uses miners’ unused computer storage to validate the network. EY announced that it has established a subsidiary with the Polygon protocol in September 2021 to embed its artifacts on the Ethereum network. To EY and Polygon subsidiary Koindeks.comWe have included it in this article.

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