The LUNA Crash Could Jump To These Altcoins: Wanted In 195 Countries!

Interpol has issued a red notice for Terra (LUNA) founder Do Kwon. According to this, the founder of Terra, which collapsed in May 2021, is sought by 195 countries. However, the Terra collapse and the prosecution of Do Kwon have the potential to affect some altcoin projects.

LUNA inventor wanted by red notice

The cat-and-mouse chase between the South Korean authorities and Do Kwon has taken on a new dimension. Prosecutors in Seoul announced on Monday that the LUNA founder has been added to Interpol’s red notice list. Accordingly, Kwon has become a wanted fugitive in 195 countries. The trial against Do Kwon arose because of the suspicious collapse of the Terra project in May 2021.

Authorities around the world are investigating Kwon and Terraform Labs after Terra’s UST stablecoin lost its peg to the dollar. As we reported, UST, which lost its peg to the dollar in May 2021, caused $ 40 billion to be deleted from the crypto market. Millions of LUNA investors lost all their assets in this event. The altcoin wiped out 99.9% of its value, fueling an atmosphere of distrust and horror in the market.

Do Kwon took to Twitter to make a statement.

Kwon and Terraform Labs left South Korea for Singapore before Terra exploded. However, Singapore police said on September 17 that Kwon fled the country. Kwon took to Twitter that day, telling his followers he was not “running away”. This was an argument that South Korean officials later denied. Today, Kwon, who made statements about the Interpol theses, said that he did not run away again. He also underlined that his name is not on Interpol’s website now.

LUNA collapse could affect these altcoin projects

The LUNA collapse caused a slump in the crypto market that hit Three Arrows Capital and the once giant crypto debt platforms. But retail investors were probably the biggest losers in the boom. Many investors have lost their lifetime savings. Months have passed since this incident, but the cryptocurrency market is still suffering. Now regulators are taking note of how to prevent future events like the collapse of the LUNA.

US lawmakers introduced a bill last week that would ban algorithmic stablecoins like the UST and potentially threaten other decentralized dollar alternatives like MakerDAO’s DAI. Crypto has seen countless projects rise and fall during its 13-year history. But none of them got as much regulatory attention as Terra’s failure. This is a bad sign for Kwon and Terraform Labs, and we may see tighter regulation of algorithmic stablecoins in the coming years. These stablecoins are:

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