The List Has Arrived: While Bitcoin, ETH Collapsed, Turks Run To These Altcoins!

While Bitcoin and Ethereum fell hard, the good news was that the bulls did not allow the foothold that coincided with the 2017 high to break. Currently, BTC and ETH are down 5.36% and 9.23% respectively compared to last week. Therefore, investors are chasing opportunities in the altcoin market for higher opportunities. According to data from Coinecko, a price monitoring platform for cryptocurrencies, Turkish investors mostly buy new trends such as MuscleX and Sweatcoin.

Turkish investors are chasing these altcoins as Bitcoin crashes

Information provided by Coinecko shows that Turkish crypto traders have made the most searches for MuscleX in recent days. MuscleX is a member of the play and win ecosystem. The altcoin project produces NFTs along with gaming, staking and lottery functionality. The reason MuscleX with throttling MX is in the trend now is its new release. The altcoin rallied over 50% after being listed on new exchanges on September 21. It is currently seeing a one-to-one correction.

The next most recognizable altcoins in the middle of the Turks were EthereumPoW and Sweatcoin. His interest in ETHW stems from the upgrade, which was completed on September 15. Sweatcoin, one of the successful projects of the move and win concept, is in the third place. With this interest, SWEAT sees more than 3% green processes in the last 24 hours. The data provided by Coinecko is the most sought after by Turkish investors.

  1. MuscleX (MX)
  2. EthereumPoW (ETHW)
  3. Sweatcoin – Sweat Economy (SWEAT)
  4. STEPN Green Satoshi Token on Solana (GST-SOL)
  5. XRP
  6. Bitcoin (BTC)
  7. Bone ShibaSwap (BONE)
  8. CEEK Smart VR (CEEK)
  9. Shiba Inu (SHIB)
  10. Evmos (EVMOS)
  11. Ethereum (ETH)
  12. Radio Caca (RACA)
  13. hamster (HAM)
  14. Left (LEFT)
  15. Aleph Zero (AZERO) As you follow, XRP rallied on September 22 and 23 due to positive news from the litigation process. Thus, XRP is among the top 5 most sought-after cryptocurrencies among Turkish investors. In the latest developments from the case, the long-time effort of Ripple and the SEC is finally in touch with the final decision. The date on which third parties can file a lawsuit is December 9th. The deadline for opposing these motions was expected to be December 22. Recently, the SEC and Ripple submitted their motions for summary judgment in the case. The decision will be closely scrutinized by various stakeholders in the crypto market. In the midst of this, crypto investors are not too late to buy the news. As the market fell, the XRP price rallied over 30%.

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