The Legend Who Says Buy Gold and These Coins Gave 3 Investment Advice!

The famous author, who says to buy gold, says “the end is here” for the dollar after predicting the biggest collapse in history. He reiterated three lessons that will help investors “succeed in market crashes.”

3 tips from a gold investor to help with crashes

The author of the book Rich Dad Fakir Dad is also known for his affinity for cryptocurrencies. He previously said that he bought gold, Bitcoin (BTC) and Solana (SOL). Robert Kiyosaki shared some of his insights and investment lessons in several tweets this week. He tweeted on Tuesday explaining why he thought the end of “fake” money (the dollar) was coming. The famous author narrated a different event to his followers as follows:

The end has come! Jerry Williams, my trusted gold and silver dealer, called me. I can’t buy gold or silver. He said they don’t sell to me anymore. To me, that means the end of the fake dollar is here.

Kiyosaki then continued to reiterate his silver recommendation. As stated in the previous tweet, “silver will be in the middle of $100 to $500. take some. Protect yourself,” he wrote. His advice followed another recent statement that gold is valuable and that silver is today’s best investment.

fake money: dollar

Kiyosaki had previously said that when President Richard Nixon removed the US dollar from the gold standard in 1971, “the US dollar became a void currency”. “This is because it depends more on the ‘full faith and credit’ of the United States than on real money like gold,” he explained. The famous author reminded investors of some lessons in a tweet on Thursday. He elaborated by saying, “I told 3 lessons of Rich Dad in Rich Dad Poor Dad”:

1: Your residence is not an asset. 2: Savers are losers. 3: The wealthy don’t work for dollars.

Kiyosaki also adds that “the rich are entrepreneurs who don’t need a job.” He pointed out that these people “create jobs, create their own assets, and thrive in market crashes.” “2022 is your time to become wealthier,” he later emphasized.

Last week, Kiyosaki urged people to “invest in real money” by naming it gold, silver and bitcoin. He stressed that the Federal Reserve’s “raising interest rates would destroy the US economy.” Kiyosaki warned again and again that the worst accident in world history was about to come. He said all markets crashed in April.

Not long ago, before the biggest crash in world history, its mailing list urged its subscribers to buy cryptocurrency now. The famous author stated that for several months, he has been waiting for the price of the cryptocurrency to hit the bottom before it goes in. He said he was in a cash position ready to buy BTC recently. He suggested that at one point its price would test $1,100. Koindeks.comAs you follow, BTC is currently trading around $19,000.

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