“The Fall Is Not Over” Bitcoin, ADA, SOL and ETH Can Drag To These Bases!

Renowned cryptocurrency analyst Jason Pizzino said in his latest analysis that ADA, SOL and ETH prices could reach new bottoms.

Analyst says fix for ADA, SOL and ETH is not over now

Jason Pizzino shared in a new Youtube post that he expects more despite this year’s major fix. The analyst warns that it is still possible for him to lose another 40% of the total market cap. Thus, Pizzino says we will see an additional 14% decrease in the TOTAL chart in one case:

If we are looking at something realistic, of course we can see 600 or 700 billion dollars. A drop of probably 80% to 82% for the realistic region puts us at around $550 billion. We dropped 74% to $762 billion, the lowest level in June. Therefore, if we come back from where we are now, the total market capitalization of the market will decrease by about 14%. This can be very valuable. Presumably, there will be an additional 10% discount on Bitcoin, 20% on ETH and a few percent in the rest of the market. This is very reasonable.

According to Pizzino, the bottom end of this range will be $550 billion. This represents a decrease of about 40% from where we are now. At the time of writing, the total value of the market (TOTAL) is around $885 billion.

According to the crypto analyst, we can return to July 2020 levels in Bitcoin price

In terms of Bitcoin, Pizzino argues that a comparable drop would bring BTC to levels last seen in July 2020. The analyst added that this scenario, which will mean a 40% decline, will be an opportunity zone:

Is a 40% drop in Bitcoin conceivable? This is your 40% drop from the current price to the precious reinforcements in the mid-$11,000 to $11,500 range, which is the low end of our cycle buying zone. Therefore, it has a realistic point of view.

Pizzino also states that Cardano may face an even more significant correction given that it lost almost all of its price in the 2018 bear market. The analyst predicts that in the worst case, ADA will fall to $0.17.

Cardano is currently trading at $0.392. The analyst is also closely watching Solana (SOL), which will drop below $20 if it loses 40% of its price. Additionally, according to Pizzino, Solana may set a precedent for Cardano. In this case, it could drop as low as $12, losing about 60% of its market capitalization.

Solana is trading at $31.21 at the time of writing. Koindeks.comAs you follow, its price has taken a hit by around 5% after it crashed recently.

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