The Economist Who Knows Historical Collapse: Get Gold and These 3 Coins!

Famous financial author Robert Kiyosaki says that gold and other scarce works are the “way out” because of the money the US government has printed in the last 2 years.

Robert Kiyosaki buys gold, silver and these 3 cryptocurrencies

The author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” highlights scarce assets due to inflation caused by the Biden government. Kiyosaki pointed to the global economic crisis in a tweet in March:

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. Biden slapped Putin on the world stage. Toxic masculinity. The world is in grief. The national debt will go through the roof. Biden causes inflation and blames Putin. The dollar is about to explode.

The famous financial author recommends buying gold, silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana to prepare for this environment:

Buy more gold, silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana before the third world war.

“Bitcoin is very important”

In a new tweet on October 22, Kiyosaki repeated the emphasis on gold and Bitcoin. The most important reason for Kiyosaki’s belief in Bitcoin is that he believes that the US dollar will run out due to the coins that the USA has printed for the last 2 years. The US government has printed more than $6 trillion after the pandemic began. Kiyosaki says that this will trigger a crash and gold and Bitcoin will be the cure:

My favorite saying is, “Don’t teach pigs to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.” Why are you wasting your time with pigs? They are stupid. Their minds are off. Buy gold silver, Bitcoin and sing music while pigs cry. Be careful.

In his tweets this year, Kiyosaki made bold predictions about the collapse of the dollar and the US economy. According to his tweets, buying Bitcoin, gold and silver will be the “way out”. The investor guru had claimed about two weeks ago that the market meltdown would destroy millions of people’s money due to macroeconomic woes. He tweeted that only a certain group of people can see the latter. However, he says most of his estimates come from the CPI, food and fuel prices.

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