The Dates That Bitcoin Will See 14 Thousand and 63 Thousand Dollars Have Been Announced!

Two well-known analysts commented on the movements of Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency by market cap. One conveyed their intentions on when to see the base level and the other when to see its rise. Here are the details…

InvestAnswers: Bitcoin could 3x before halving

Cryptocurrency analyst and host of the YouTube channel InvestAnswers revealed his positive claims about Bitcoin. The analyst drew attention to Bitcoin’s halving activity in his latest image, which he shared on the channel, which has over 440 thousand subscribers. As we have also reported, in halving, the reward that miners receive per block is halved. Consequently, the supply of the coin also shrinks. The analyst points out that BTC rallies often precede BTC halving.

According to the analyst, data based on halving dates say that BTC will see $ 63,000 by March 2024. As it is known, BTC’s next halving will take place in 2024. The previous halving took place in 2020. The fact that Bitcoin hits $63,000 by March 2024 means that the coin will rise 200 percent above its current price of $20,500.

BTC starts to rise 15 months before halving

According to the analyst, BTC historically starts to recover 15 months before the next halving. The halving in 2024 is expected to take place in April or May. For this reason, the expert draws attention to the month before the halving, March. As of November 2022, there are 15 months left until the halving. The analyst conveys his calculations in the following form:

November 2022, 15 months left to the halving date… Bitcoin tends to finish 39 percent from where it saw the process 24 months before the halving. That means $45,538 times one plus 39 percent in March 2022 (($45,538*(1+39%))… That should get us to $63,160 by March 2024.

Finally, the analyst says that real price movements will be seen after the halving. Therefore, he argues that BTC could triple over the next 15 months, and then do much more.

Benjamin Cowen points to the Fed’s tough stance

Benjamin Cowen, another cryptocurrency analyst, draws attention to inflation information for BTC. The analyst says that interest in BTC will return if the price of BTC breaks through the bull market support band. The bull market reinforcement band is a combination of the 21-week exponential moving average (EMA) and the 20-week easy moving average (SMA).

In addition, Cowen draws attention to the impact of the increasing consumer price index data (CPI) planned for the next week. He thinks this will cause the FED to maintain its “hawk”. In such a scenario, it is inevitable that another decrease in BTC will be triggered. The analyst says that he is targeting the $14,000 level in BTC in the case of the word. Also, Cowen says that BTC trading in the $20,000 range is suitable for long-term bulls.

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