The British Chased Bitcoin and These 4 Altcoins!

VoucherCodes, the UK’s largest coupon code website, has released a report on the investment trend in the country. The information shows that the British bought 4 altcoins, mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The British spent £32 million on Bitcoin and these 4 altcoins

According to the research, personal investors in the UK have spent around £32 billion on cryptocurrencies so far. The crypto currencies that investors showed the most interest were Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Chainlink. Despite the current bear market, VoucherCodes’ report shows investor interest. British cryptocurrency investors continued to buy despite falling prices. According to the data, despite the volatility in the market, investors continued to pour funds into cryptocurrencies.

According to the report, the British have invested a total of around £31,795 billion in cryptocurrencies. Based on the information, it has been reported that each Briton has spent £473 on cryptocurrencies. The report estimates that 34% of Britons currently own one or more cryptocurrencies. In the middle, the most invested cryptocurrency was Bitcoin.

British investors invest the most in Bitcoin

Although Bitcoin started the year above $ 40,000, it did not find the opportunity to recover. However, VoucherCodes’ report shows that investors continue to buy Bitcoin. BTC ranked first with 20% usage as the largest cryptocurrency in the market. Next come Ethereum and Dogecoin, with investment rates of 8% and 6% respectively. Litecoin and Chainlink were altcoin projects at the bottom of the list.

The report also noted a significant gender imbalance in cryptocurrency ownership. As a result, only 27% of women invest in cryptocurrencies on average, compared to 41% of men who own cryptocurrencies and spend an average of £767 each.

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