Take Note: These 6 Altcoins Are On The Watchlist!

While the activity in the crypto money markets continues, analysts draw attention to these altcoin projects. Move to Earn altcoin projects continue to attract interest from investors. Projects that provide gains for people to lead a healthy life and physical activities are in a popular position. The world’s most reliable and production-ready Layer-1 blockchain project Aptos(APT) is in the middle of following. In addition, altcoin projects included in the Aptos ecosystem are also followed. As Koindeks.com, we transfer the altcoins in the list to you.

At the top of the list is Web3 fitness award-winning altcoin StepWatch (SWP)

Earned in-game items can be traded or used for in-platform events. StepWatch, Web3 fitness reward software, allows users to perform physical activities while earning money. Components “Move to earn social network and NFT” are included in the portable application. StepWatch users earn altcoins thanks to the activities on the platform.

A free watch or an NFT watch is purchased to use the platform. It then allows you to buy cryptocurrency and other NFTs on the platform by doing physical activity. SWP is currently trading on crypto exchanges such as MEXC, BingX, KuCoin, Gate.io, and QuickSwap.

Active (AFIT)

The team behind the project presented a real-world example of successful community-focused fitness motivation and reward incentives on blockchain. Actifit is the first social, gamified, mid-chain, award-winning Play to Earn project. Its users are rewarded for leading healthier lifestyles. Thus, it is defined as an innovative and game-changing social project that promotes healthier lifestyles.

The project earns rewards for transmitting activity information to Steem and Hive blockchains. Also, the project started by creating a portable app that automatically tracks your movement and activity. As your score increases after the AFIT collected, you can earn more incentives in your activity reports. AFIT is currently processing on PancakeSwap.

VicMove (VIM)

The team behind Altcoin aims to make you gain while having fun and being active. VICMOVE allows users to earn crypto by training like walking, jogging or cycling. Along with these is the web3 fitness and lifestyle portable app with built-in NFT-social gaming features that allow them to earn rewards in NFTs.

Users can simply download the VICMOVE app from Google Play Store and Apple Store. The group works to encourage people to lead active, healthy lifestyles. To complete Web3’s ambition, the NFT game has the potential to offer a combination of technologies that bring the fun side of social fiction and real-world incentives. It is trading on VIM, MEXC, CoinTiger and PancakeSwap (V2).

Mojito Markets (MOJO)

The altcoin on the Aptos blockchain attracts attention. Building on top of the Aptos ecosystem, Mojito Markets sees the mission of a decentralized peer-to-peer commercial exchange. Mojito Markets offers claims to be resolved without the need for a centralized exchange. On the blockchain, Mojito Markets aims to develop the most efficient prediction markets protocol in the world.

It has features such as advanced platform security, user privacy, and ease of payment provided by the Aptos network. A protocol that uses layout capabilities, however. In addition, users with a stake in the protocol can foster innovation and development through the community. MOJO is trading on Gate.io and Liquidswap exchanges.

Aptoge (APTOGE)

Aptoge aims to be the go-to destination for DeFi on the Aptos chain, with the DeFi tools that investors are used to and love on other chains, while Memecoins are becoming popular. The Aptoge token is available for the chest fan community of the Aptos network. Working on the liquidity locker and NFT collection that develops price bots on the network, Aptoge aims to produce various DeFi utilities for the Aptos chain.

The Aptoge group is working to attract DeFi investors to Aptoge. Overall, he’s increasing his efforts through training materials and participation in certain forums to attract Aptos. APTOGE is currently trading live on the Liquidswap exchange.

Ditto Staked Aptos (stAPT)

Distinctive Features: Users will be able to use their stAPTs in the Aptos DeFi ecosystem while generating efficiency and maintaining the network by keeping the Ditto Staked Aptos, which is about to hold Aptos but is more convenient. The smoothest liquid staking protocol on Aptos is called Ditto. To position Aptos as the underlying token in Aptos DeFi, the group seeks to provide the safest, most credible liquid staking derivative possible. Investors will have the option to stake Aptos (APT) with the platform to receive stAPT.

Then, with this stAPT, they will be able to join the Aptos DeFi ecosystem, gain efficiency and protect the network at no additional cost. Users will have little difficulty switching between stAPT and APT through both swaps in dexes and staking/unstacking. stAPT is currently trading live on the Liquidswap exchange.

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