Take Note Of These Altcoins: FTX Hacker Is Still Draining Coins!

Multiple FTX wallets continue to send crypto assets to “FTX Drainer” address 0x59A…32b even three days after the hack. The address of the FTX hacker currently holds about $62 million in crypto assets. The hacker or hackers have transferred over $600 million in crypto assets so far. Here are the details…

FTX hacker still in action

Blockchain security firm CertiK revealed in a tweet on November 15 that multiple addresses in both the exchange and the US arm of FTX are still sending crypto tokens to FTX Drainer address 0x59A…32b. FTX Drainer Address has approximately $62 million in crypto assets. Also, the FTX Drainer address has bought and traded almost 3.5 billion since Nov. Over $600 million in unusual transfers were reported by Onchain experts, with some withdrawals from Tether to DAI and altcoins to Ethereum. According to CertiK, the wallets that the hacker processes are in the following form:

Ryne Miller, general counsel of FTX/US, also confirmed that trading and withdrawal functions have been removed due to unauthorized access to certain assets. He also said that FTX is moving its crypto assets to a new cold wallet custodian to protect it from hacking. However, hackers who still have access to the exchange and FTX US wallets remain a source of fuss for users as they report a $0 balance in their wallets.

What cryptocurrencies does the hacker have?

According to crypto intelligence platform Arkham Intelligence and a Blockchain expert, the mysterious looter of crypto exchange FTX has $339 million in cryptocurrencies that they leaked from the exchange late Friday. Arkham revealed that wallets associated with the exploiter hold $215 million in Ethereum, $48 million in DAI, $44 million in BNB, $4 million in USDT and $3.8 million in MATIC.

Also, around $20 million in PAXG, a Paxos stablecoin tied to the gold price, was frozen when Paxos was ordered by US authorities to blacklist accounts. This prevented the owner from carrying or cashing out the tokens. Koindeks.comAs we reported, Sam Bankman-Fried’s bankrupt crypto exchange FTX has been subject to questionable exits in excess of $600 million.

An address at the center of the exploit stole nearly $400 million from the exchange’s crypto wallets. The offensive came after 137 other firms of FTX and Bankman-Fried’s crypto conglomerate filed for one-to-one bankruptcy defense. According to Arkham’s report, the hacker acted quickly according to his behavior on the Blockchain. They used various decentralized exchanges, including UniSwap, 1inch, and CowSwap, to convert the tokens. To avoid losses due to price drift, MATIC has made an effort to divest the coin into smaller measures such as LINK and PAXG.

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