Take Note Of These 10 Altcoins: They May Shine In The Coming Months!

The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin continues its sideways price movement above $19,000. Meanwhile, many cryptocurrencies are watching its price action. Despite this horizontal price movement after the last decline, a new month will probably bring new developments. In this context, an analyst shared 10 altcoins that he thinks investors should watch in October and beyond.

“These 10 altcoins could shine in the coming months”

The bear market that emerged at the beginning of 2022 caused the price of many cryptocurrencies to drop drastically. But there are also enough developments. A number of cryptocurrencies have managed to make huge profits during price crashes. According to the analyst, the 10 altcoins on his list have exactly this potential. While 5 of them belong to the Solana ecosystem, another 5 aim to create a revolution in asset management. Koindeks.comWe have compiled the analyst’s list for you.

TULIP Protocol (TULIP)

TULIP is Solana-based Solfarm’s local governance token. Solfarm, on the other hand, is Solana’s first decentralized Blockchain yield aggregator with automated consolidated vault techniques. By doing this, it provides its users with better annual returns (APY). At Solfarm, users create liquidity. Accordingly, exchanges benefit from increased liquidity, while users gain interest from their investments and the TULIP coin. This altcoin is currently in beta, but due to its decent DeFi features, it may rise in the future.

Prism (PRISM)

To ensure the smoothest pricing, PRISM, a DEX aggregator in Solana, automatically routes processes amid various liquidity sources. The platform has both basic and advanced features. Key features include an intuitive swap interface. Advanced features include a fully functional DEX based on order books. Solana’s high speed and low expenses and PRISM’s high APY put the altcoin project on the analyst’s list.

DeFiLand (DFL)

DeFi Land is an agriculture-based simulation game built to gamify the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. The game aims to add all the features found on classic platforms to the game. So DeFi Land is both a DeFi platform and a play-to-win (P2E) game. Accordingly, users can obtain NFT in-game and earn passive income. In addition, while doing this, they can increase their profits with DeFi works such as yield farming and staking.

OpenOcean (OOE)

OpenOcean, one of Solana’s leading DEX aggregators, aims to provide customers with a one-stop shopping experience for commerce. For this, it combines the most complete sources of liquidity from various Blockchains in one streamlined trading interface. This DEX collection system is free of charge. Users only have to pay the gas price and swap prices received by the exchanges. Additionally, the altcoin aims to incorporate derivatives and advanced asset management services.

InsurAce (INSUR)

A decentralized protocol called InsurAce is a Solana-based altcoin project that promises to provide faithful insurance services. The protocol provides flexible and reliable coverage for DeFi assets. Accordingly, the platform offers advantages such as low insurance costs, high return on investment, mid-chain trading. Altcoin is both a DeFi and an insurance protocol. Therefore, it has two different platforms, investment and insurance. These platforms work together to provide the smoothest service.

Metaverse ETP (ETP)

According to its website, Metaverse ETP aims to provide a basic infrastructure for business and societal necessities. For this, it operates as an open-source, public blockchain. Integrates decentralized applications and services. Using the substrate model, it makes it possible to achieve mid-chain connectivity at low cost. Metaverse ETP, one of China’s oldest asset management altcoin projects, has been running for 4 years without issue.

Konomi Network (KONO)

Konomi is a complete asset management platform for mid-chain crypto assets. This network uses Substrate as its development framework. Thus, it can support more Polkadot ecosystem presence. This platform has built an oracle that enables mid-chain interaction. It also allows peer-to-peer cryptocurrency loans. Users can earn passive income by lending their assets or staking altcoins.

Zignaly Coin (ZIG)

Individual investors can invest in faith using licensed asset managers on Zignaly, a community investment platform. Profits are passed on to consumers and traders before Zignaly or professional manager. This social investment platform also aims to expand itself in the field of social assistance. It also serves as an NFT-based insurance platform to mitigate risk. Users can get insurance plans that cover 10% to 100% of their investment with Zignaly insurance.

Cryptonovae (YAE)

Cryptonovae is a trading tool. This allows you to easily manage your digital assets on many centralized and decentralized exchanges. Altcoin asset YAE, on the other hand, is an ERC-20-based token that offers unique and cutting-edge functionality to its holders. The platform also aims to maximize the profits of investors by implementing the YAE burning model.

Covesting (COV)

Covesting is a fully licensed software development company that provides DLT services. The company offers a full range of trading and investment tools that simply integrate with applications made by other companies. The altcoin asset of this project, COV, establishes a user-centered economy on all supported platforms. The Covesting ecosystem currently includes a trading module, Yield accounts, Cryptocurrency exchange infrastructure.

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