Surprising NFT Comment from the Analyst Who Knows Every Step of Bitcoin!

Peter Brandt, a seasoned and famous trader, surprised everyone with his latest comments. Brandt, who became popular with his analysis as well as opposing some trends in the crypto money field and some altcoins, talked about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) this time. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, he did not criticize NFTs. On the contrary, he implied that he saw a future in some. Here are the details…

Peter Brandt surprises his followers with his NFT tweet As we have also reported, analyst Peter Brandt has been on the agenda for years with his comments on Bitcoin and the general market. The truth predicted many of them. He even addressed the recent decline in Bitcoin, saying that in 2021 more than one person could not even imagine the current levels. However, Brandt mentioned NFTs in his new tweet.

A few days ago, Brandt tweeted that some NFT projects will make progress. Thus, it caused discussions about the status of the sector. Many were surprised by Brandt’s comment. For example, a user named Duo Nine said, “You’re so progressive Peter, what has changed?” she asked. The veteran trader said that NFTs have now managed to go beyond “the mostly scam JPEGs.”

He even stated that some outstanding projects have advanced functionality and benefits. It remains unclear exactly how Brandt warmed to NFTs, who has in the past been critical of NFT crazes, including NFTs. As we reported earlier, in February it described NFTs as “stupid”.

What’s the latest on NFTs?

NFT sales have plummeted in the past few months, driven by the current bear market. According to the information, NFT sales have dropped by about 90 percent from about 160 thousand per day since the beginning of the year. It fell to the current level of about 20 thousand. In late September, Bloomberg revealed data on NFTs as the crypto winter deepens. It reported that non-fungiable token volumes fell 97 percent from its January high.

CryptoSlam stated that the most recognizable collection last week was CryptoPunks with $10 million in secondary sales. He reportedly was followed by the Bored Ape Yacht Club with weekly sales of $7.8 million. Falling prices in the secondary markets caused collectors to tweet depressingly about their losses.

While NFTs are falling on every metric, a non-fungiable token sale has recently attracted attention. Actor, director and producer Anthony Hopkins has released the first NFT collection. His collection sold out in less than 10 minutes. The project named “The Eternal Collection”, which was launched in partnership with the NFT design agency Orange Comet, was put up for sale. The project featured 1000 original cinematic artworks inspired by the actor’s different performances in theaters.

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