Star Of The Bear Market: This Altcoin Delivered The Expected News!

Bear market construction time. Some just try to hold on and survive, while others use this time to build. According to experts, the most successful will be the builders when the bull market returns. The bear market star altcoin project Kava is one of these builders. And they have a new update. Crypto expert Stu L is valuing the altcoin project.

Altcoin project unveils Kava 11 As you follow, Kava made many successful attacks last year. They now have a fully functioning EVM with the Ethereum Co-chain. And they are compatible with Cosmos ecosystem apps as well. This is a rare combination for interoperability. The developers released Kava 11 earlier this week. With this breakthrough, they aim to achieve their goal of $1 billion in TVL in their ecosystem. Here are some of the improvements you can expect.

Kava Rise = Huge developer growth

Kava Rise, the $750 million developer grant program, does the job. Since its announcement in late May, developers taking advantage of these incentives and the new EVM have built apps to handle more than 5.5 million processes in the EVM alone in the last 5 months. There are now over 320,000 Wrapped Kava processes growing in the ecosystem, including the value of TVL and Curve’s 3Pool and Sushiswap.

These incentives in the Rise program are key to helping Kava grow. Increased developer interest and activity is always a leading indicator for a project. Also, we know that in the end price follows.

Kava Liquid

Kava Liquid is Kava’s new liquid staking protocol. They combined liquid staking and governance first. Kava knows, and so do we. If you’re into staking, it often means you’re important to the project. And important people have their own ideas, some of which will help the project run more smoothly. However, if you use Lido or another liquid staking protocol, we have to give up your game to get the liquidity you want. But not anymore. Kava says:

  • Protect your game.
  • Do not reassign to an authenticator chosen by someone else.
  • Keep up the word on governance bets.
  • And get liquidity too.

Kava Boost will work with Kava Liquid to earn investors a higher return on their stake, known as bKAVA. These rewards and any new rewards obtained from liquid staking or otherwise will be liquid instantly. The lack of more qualifying periods in Kava 11 is also an improvement.

This is a real innovation for liquid staking. In particular, the new Cosmos 2.0 whitepaper and panel on Cosmos is an innovation we hope to continue with the inclusion of liquid staking modules for all Blockchains.

Kava Earn + EVM = more assets

Kava’s yield optimizer Kava Earn will connect more assets than Ethereum and ERC-20 assets to the EVM Co-Chain. The first update to be integrated in this new update will be USDC.

Kava Foundation

The movement towards greater decentralization and community ownership continues with the creation of the new Kava Foundation. Tokens designated for the Community Pool will go to the Foundation, which has a full, open governance structure so you can help decide how these funds will be used.

Easier to sign metamask processes

This latest major improvement in Kava 11 will make the platform easier to use for all Metamask users. The Cosmos SDK, or Software Development Kit, is one of the biggest reasons why projects choose to build their blockchain on Cosmos. The SDK is easy to use and understand. And it’s working. But before that, you had to deal with bridging or compatibility issues to move ERC-20 tokens in and out of Kava.

However, with Kava 11, it is now possible to sign processes directly from Metamask. Therefore, there is the possibility of creating a bridge to Kava using a Kava ecosystem application. In fact, all of the token issuance or lending processes can take place within Metamask and in a single process. This convenience alone will allow more people to use Kava than before. Many of you love Metamask. So this will be a huge UX improvement for you.

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