Solana Unstoppable: Giant News Coming After Google!

Solana Breakpoint, which was held between 4-7 November and continued, attracted the attention of 13 thousand people. Solana introduced its recently announced Google subsidiary, smartphone designs and Web3 store at Breakpoint to enthusiasts.

“Anyone can set up Solana store anywhere”

During its annual meeting at Breakpoint 2022 in Libson, Solana made a new launch announcement as it prepares to go mainstream. Alongside smartphones and dApp stores, issues related to the start of partnership with Google Cloud were at the forefront. The conference, which lasts for 4 days, is held in only one of the four places held at the same time. However, the conference attracted 13,000 people.

Raj Gökal, Solana co-founder, and Anatoly Yakovenko, Solana Labs co-founder, came out at the conference. Vibhu Norby, CEO and founder of Solana Spaces, took the stage to give an interactive presentation. He asked affiliates to scan a QR code on his name to participate in a sweepstakes! Then Norby opened the Solana Store in Miami. Subsequently, the CEO gave the following in his speech:

Now anyone can set up their own Solana Store, anywhere.

Norby made a statement about the process of creating the store. Announced the launch of GeoNFTs, the NFT application that allows users to geotag a region in their city. Space CEO continued his speech with these words:

If you have GeoNFT, you can use it 1 vs 1 with the rights reserved for you to open the Solana store in that region. With GeoNFTs, the ecosystem aims to empower solo entrepreneurs who want to get into business.

Smartphones will be available for pre-order in the first months of 2023

The ecosystem’s portable team has announced the launch of their upcoming smartphone. However, it is stated that pre-orders will start in the first months of 2023. However, the company has not yet announced an official date for the release date name.

The most distinctive feature of the phones is the ability to faithfully store the private keys of cryptocurrency wallets. In addition, the smartphones will be powered by the Qualcomm chipset with a high productivity Arm-based SoC.

Cryptocurrency friendly policy

The ecosystem preparing for the Web3 outage has announced the launch of the Solana dApp Store. During the conference, one of the ecosystem spokespersons highlighted the need for a great user experience on Web3. The dApp store that supports cryptocurrencies promises to eliminate price and revenue. In addition, the company announced that applications for interested participants will be opened in January 2023.

Google Cloud is soon becoming a Solana node validator

As we have reported as; All announcements are turning points for the ecosystem. However, its partnership with Google Cloud was the subject that attracted the most attention. Google Cloud is creating a Solana validator that generates blocks to join and validate the network. Blockchain Node Engine, announced by Google Cloud on October 27, will take place in the Solana chain from 2023. As a result of the integration, it will allow users to launch a private Solana node in the cloud. In addition, Google Cloud will index ecosystem information. By 2023, it will provide Solana developers access to historical data by bringing it to BigQuery, a fully managed, serverless data center.

In addition, on October 11, SOL users were hacked via a fake ecosystem wallet security update. Hackers are found to be releasing their NFTs to users that appear to be about the new Phantom wallet security update. However, the fraudulent update was transmitted as malicious software designed to steal cryptocurrencies. Users encountering invalid Phantom update have witnessed nasty malware downloads from GitHub intent on obtaining browser information, history, cookies, passwords, SSH keys and other user information.

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