Solana Announces 4 Giant News: LEFT Jumped Gone!

Helium and Solana bring their own portable ventures together. In the middle, Google Cloud becomes Solana’s validator. In addition, the altcoin is expanding its footprint in Turkey with the announcement of the Crossroads conference. Moreover, ASICS today announced the launch of the ASICS X SOLANA UI Collection. With the effect of these valuable news, the altcoin price rose strongly.

Helium Mobile will power Solana’s Saga smartphone

SolanaLabs’ upcoming Android phone will use Helium’s hybrid carrier, which combines its decentralized network with T-Mobile’s 5G. The decentralized, crypto-fueled wireless network Helium has recently made the decision to migrate from its own platform to Solana, a presidential layer-1 blockchain network. Now this alliance will only get stronger as Helium and Solana bring forward their own portable ventures.

At Solana’s Breakpoint conference in Lisbon today, Helium and SolanaLabs announced a partnership to bring the upcoming Helium Mobile service (a smartphone carrier partially supported by T-Mobile) to Solana’s crypto-centric Saga smartphone. Accordingly, both will meet their users in early 2023.

Google Cloud becomes Solana validator

Google Cloud’s partnership with Solana will enable the company to be a validator of an altcoin project. It will also help add the network to Blockchain Node Engine and BigQuery services. Google Cloud has announced a groundbreaking affiliate with SOL. One of the world’s largest cloud service providers will become a segment of the Solana network. As such, it will include Solana in its wide array of works and services. The company said it will run a block-generating SOL validator that will allow it to join and validate the SOL network.

Solana bets big on Turkey with Istanbul Conference

Solana, the world’s largest blockchain blockchain, is expanding its footprint in Turkey with the announcement of the Solana Crossroads conference. The conference aims to bring together the SOL community, developers and companies in the SOL ecosystem. Accordingly, the conference will be held in Istanbul between 31 March and 2 April 2023. The international event will be hosted by Solana’s information analysis resource, Step Finance. Leading crypto exchange FTX Turkey will expand their foothold on the SOL ecosystem at the first Solana conference in Turkey. In this context, it will cooperate with Step Finance.

ASICS used STEPN to launch Solana NFT collections

Japanese sportswear manufacturer ASICS today announced the launch of the ASICS X SOLANA UI Collection. The new hit lineup includes the special edition, limited edition GT-2000 11 running shoes that give owners the chance to win a limited number of ASICS x STEPN GT-2000 NFTs. It is now possible to order physical shoes with USDC on SolanaPay. ASICS Web3 and Digital Works Manager Joe Pace said in an interview:

We see a place on Web3 where we can help and bring works that inspire people to be physically active. For us, it’s a different way of telling stories about our works and getting sensible audiences excited about them.

Solana’s (SOL) price performance

The partnership, including expanding the real-world use case, has been the catalyst for the price of the precious news altcoin. Accordingly, SOL rallied from $32.7 to $38.55 during the day. Although its price dropped a little later, it was trading with more than 12% profit on a daily basis at press time. SOL has managed to be the smoothest performing crypto today amid the top 20 cryptocurrencies.

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