Shiba Inu Group Shares Mystery! What will happen?

The Shiba Inu team released a mysterious tweet about their founder Ryoshi on their official Twitter account. As before, the tweet manages to attract the attention of the community.

Mysterious tweet for Shiba Inu’s missing founder

Founder ‘Ryoshi’ left the community last May after deleting all tweets and blog posts. Just like Satoshi Nakamoto, Ryoshi remains anonymous. Now, a new tweet from Shiba’s official Twitter account brought up Ryoshi again. In the teaser below, the group tweeted “Ryoshi…” while encouraging the community to claim the answer this time.

The tweet quickly garnered several responses from the community. One user replied “it’s you”. “They are Shiba investors,” one glutton replied. The content of the tweet remains unclear at this time.

This is because Shiba Inu often releases teasers before their title launches, releases or big announcements. But this time it’s different. It also intersects with upcoming big announcements in the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

What we know about Ryoshi

The founder of Shiba Inu, nicknamed Ryoshi, left social media on May 30 this year, deleting all his tweets and Medium blog posts. The SHIB founder last tweeted in May 2021 while watching the progress of SHIB from afar. In his blog post titled “All Hail the Shiba,” Ryoshi said that he would disappear one day. Ryoshi also referred to the head of SHIB as someone who “believes” in him, stating that no one is responsible for SHIB.

Ryoshi’s last words before leaving were:

  • “With Shiba, we made it clear from the start that no one is responsible. There is no one in charge, no one in charge, and there are no keys to the kingdom. As a result, you are responsible.”
  • “Shiba is Shiba. That’s all. Everyone who comes and honors Shiba walks on an equal footing with me. So the reason I am writing this (perhaps philosophical) message is to prepare you, my loved ones, for the inevitable and to offer a vision.”

In its current form, Ryoshi’s Twitter account is still working, but all data has been deleted. Two blog posts where he said goodbye to ShibArmy are still on Medium.

Whale processes accompany the news

According to a recent tweet from WhaleStats, the top 500 wallets in Ethereum have added Shiba Inu worth around $6 million to their SHIB stash. They are currently holding SHIB at $133,187,605. On October 26, the SHIB measure priced in dollars totaled $127,046,308. On Wednesday, Shiba Inu’s process volume saw a massive 211% increase as its price began to rise. Today, it is in the green zone, increasing by 2%. But so far the price has seen some correction. It still manages to stay at the four-zero price. Koindeks.comAs you follow, SHIB is currently trading at $0.00001083.

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