SHIB Whale Invaded! “These Levels Are Expected”

Shiba Inu (SHIB) price is trading sideways around $0.00001100 after being rejected at $0.00001225. It has been in a bearish trend since it faced a heavy selling area at $0.00001801 in early August. Interestingly, the declines of SHIB encourage whales to buy more.

Ethereum whales buy SHIB in droves

SHIB price continues to attract the attention of investors as the cryptocurrency market plans the next move. In this middle, signals from WhaleStats reveal that SHIB is “one of the top 10 tokens purchased amid the 500 largest ETH whales in the last 24 hours.”

The largest whale, Trinity, currently holds SHIB at the cost of 166,331 ETH at a cost of $275 million. In the past two days, whales have purchased 1.66 trillion SHIB, valued at approximately $18.6 million.

Shiba Inu price not responding

The bullish activity of the biggest Ethereum whales is now not reflected in the Shiba Inu price. The token is facing general pressure from the upper trendline of the falling channel and the 100-day SMA. FXStreet analyst John Isige says that Shiba will not suddenly stop the pullback from $0.00001225. According to the analyst, those looking for new entry situations may consider buying reinforcements at $0.00001500, according to the analyst.

The sideways move of the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator at -0.00000041 further invalidates the expectations of a sudden bullish reversal. Also, a move to the top without strength may fail to break the resistance highlighted by IntoTheBlock’s IOMAP on-chain metric at $0.00001100.

For Shiba Inu price to maintain an uptrend, buyers need to break out of the falling channel. According to the analyst, the increasing probable profit taking situations will be the following levels:

  • $0.00001300 – 200-day SMA (purple)
  • $0.00001514
  • 0.00001801 dollars

A sudden increase in SHIB burn rate

However, there is a huge increase in the Shiba Inu token burning rate. Shibburn reports that the burn rate has increased by 800% in the last 24 hours. ShibArmy sent more than 128 million SHIB to a dead wallet the other day. It should be noted that this surge comes in the midst of the collapsing chest token market.

Earlier, We shared that we are planning to reduce the total circulation of the Shiba Inu’s supply. However, chest crypto has recently launched its Blockchain-based card game in Australia. On September 17, the Shiba Inu team launched the Blockchain-based card game in Australia. In the middle, ShibArmy is still waiting for more updates on the game and its burning setup.

How’s the shibarium?

SHIB developers are also working on Shibarium, a layer-2 blockchain network. The Shibarum tool will help users and developers build applications for the Blockchain ecosystem. It will be similar to the Ethereum network, which allows developers to develop decentralized applications. The vehicle will function as a premium tier-2 for the Shiba Inu and community. The Shibarium project is said to enable fast and low-cost processes for the game.

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