Santiment: These 3 Altcoins On Binance Are Close To The Bottom! They can jump

Sensitivity drops strongly for Solana, Tron, and an altcoin, according to blockchain analytics firm Santiment.

According to the analytics firm, the sentiment is heavily bearish on Solana, Tron, and an altcoin.

According to Santiment, many investors are bearish on Solana (SOL), Tron (TRX) and Binance Coin (BNB). This may be a sign that prices are close to the bottom. Santiment says that a very bearish trend can occasionally be a sign of an impending price increase:

Currently, some cryptocurrencies are experiencing increasing optimism, while others are interpreted as dead. The more positively investors view an asset, the less likely it is to rise, according to our backtesting over the years. The more the crowd believes that a cryptocurrency is ‘done’, the more likely it is to rise.

Solana keeps the spotlight despite high depreciation

According to Santiment, there is a lot of FUD surrounding Solana, one of the strongest Ethereum competitors. Firm analysts say this is a partially positive sign:

Solana’s prestige has plummeted significantly since hitting an all-time high of $258.93 a year ago and is currently unpopular. While SOL’s negative sentiment has slumped to its lowest levels since late July, there hasn’t been much price reverberation now. However, given all the FUD, this could be a neat thing.

Altcoin investors continue to buy BNB despite being hacked

Santiment says that after experiencing the recent BNB Chain hack, BNB is now moving to the upper truth. The price of BNB Coin has only lost 5% to the million dollar hack news. As we quoted Binance CEO CZ interpreted this as proof of investor faith. Santiment analysts point out that the BNB price has risen compared to the offensive:

Like Solana, Binance’s local token also experienced the worst feeling last week. Not surprisingly, its price has risen since then.

Santiment expects a price increase within TRX from strong first-layer Blockchains. Analysts explain why:

Its price has been somewhat volatile since Tron’s precious crash in mid-June. Notice how the price recovered after the market was extremely negative against TRX for 5 weeks following the drop. We could see a precedent pattern if an extremely negative feeling resurfaces.

Currently, SOL, BNB and TRX are trading at $32.71, 277.38 and 0.06224 respectively. Meanwhile, Bitcoin was spending time in the $19,500 region.

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