Ripple (XRP) CTO Surprised: He Praises These Altcoins!

Ripple (XRP) CTO David Schwartz gave praise for this Blockchain alongside XRP Ledger-based altcoin projects.

David Schwartz speaks highly of this altcoin project

The Ripple CTO recently pointed to a number of projects on Twitter, including Sologenic’s NFT marketplace and the onXRP modular ecosystem. David is one of the original architects of XRP Ledger. He has previously developed systems for organizations such as CNN and the National Security Agency (NSA). Schwartz, who is now the CTO of Ripple, lauds the number and quality of projects built on the XRP Ledger. What he said about Sologenic was also quite positive.

Sologenic is a sophisticated ecosystem built on the XRP Ledger. It makes it easy to invest and trade amidst crypto and non-blockchain assets such as equities, ETFs and commodities from top 30 global exchanges. Schwartz says all is well with Sologenic. However, he said there will be improvements when the issue with XLS-20, a blockchain change that should significantly optimize NFT in XRPL, is resolved.

On the other hand, he drew attention to the quality of the user interface of the platform about onXRP. He then announced the launch of the marketplace that the onXRP group has been working on for the past seven months.

Community still unaware of Ripple projects

Sologenic’s local token, SOLO, one of the well-known XRP Ledger projects, received its first listing on the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi in July. On the other hand, onXRP recently introduced its first free battle royale game, Maladroids. The game offers XRP and OXP tokens with music from Armada, one of Armin Van Buuren’s finest electronic music labels. OnXRP has previously announced a launchpad solution for purchasing XRPL-created assets for fiat, along with a cross-chain bridge with AVAX.

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