Precious Move by Google for This Altcoin! What will be the price?

When you search for an Ethereum address on Google, the search engine now displays the wallet’s Ethereum (ETH) balance. This particular information is generated from Etherscan. In the middle, the leading altcoin strengthens its deflationary status after Merge. According to crypto analyst John Isige, the bears are holding the castle and forcing the altcoin price to confirm a symmetrical triangle breakout.

It is possible to view balance with Ethereum address from Google

After that, Google now provides information about Ethereum addresses directly when they are searched. Therefore, it is possible to view the ETH balance by typing an Ethereum address in the Google search bar. Google collects this information from Ethereum block explorer Etherscan.

Image when you search Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s wallet / Source: Google

So far, it seems that this only applies to Ethereum addresses and not, for example, Bitcoin. Han Hua, a crypto-focused principal investor at Google Ventures and formerly an engineer at Google, noticed this. Google has recently started to provide more cryptocurrency interaction.

“Altcoin price is likely to drop 12%” As you follow, Ethereum (ETH) is struggling to regain lost base above $1,300. Crypto analyst John Isige provides the following technical analysis for Ethereum.

The leading altcoin is gaining reinforcements at $1,270 after being rejected at $1,384 on Thursday. A four-hour daily close above $1,300 is needed to see ETH begin its uptrend. At the same time, it is possible that this will also eliminate the possibility of a drop to $1,142.

Ethereum finally confirmed a symmetrical triangle pattern breakout discussed on Sunday. While symmetrical triangles are not bullish or bearish, it is possible for traders to activate their shorts when the price drops below the lower trendline, as with the ETH price shown in the chart below.

ETH four hour chart

If sellers heed the invitation to empty their bags, a 12% drop is possible given the triangle breakout. If it moves in this direction, Ethereum will fall to $1,142. DMI (Directional Movement Index) strengthens bears’ firm grip. Overall pressure will continue to build on Ethereum price if –DI continues to widen the gap above +DI.

Ethereum IOMAP chart

It is possible that around 1.22 million addresses will prevent the Ethereum price from rising above $1,300. These addresses have 8.38 million ETH tokens, which they bought in the middle of 1,327 to 1,366 dollars. It is possible for investors selling at various breakeven points to reduce the uptrend. Therefore, as stated above, it is possible for the leading altcoin to eventually drop to $1,142.

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