Open Metaverse Alliance Pursues Meta

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After Meta announced that it cannot shape the future of the internet alone, Open Metaverse Alliance(OMA3) begins work on an interoperable Web3 world.

Open Metaverse Alliance Officially Launched

The Open Metaverse Alliance was officially launched today and Web3 developers have been identified with accounts. The organization, which includes Dapper Labs and Yuga Labs, will work to serve as an interoperable, blockchain-powered knowledge repository.

Whether or not Meta’s future knowledge repository will be designed with Blockchain or its interoperability is a matter of debate. For this reason, some of the Blockchain companies wanted to offer Web3 developers an alternative to being forced to participate in the future internet in this form. Thus, the Open Metaverse Alliance (OMA3) was established.

First announced in July, OMA3 officially opened its store today, as announced at the Web Summit in Lisbon. The association initiated memberships at two tiers, sponsor or creator, and set up working clusters to begin developing standards amid meta-knowledge base platforms, exploring legal enclosures on the Web3, and more.

Batis Samadian made the following statements:

“We share the one-to-one belief that the metadata repository remains open and indeed user-related, and that there are very fundamental things that need to be resolved across multiple platforms and agreed upon to create this vision.”

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