New Thodex Event: Big Hit in This Turkish Bitcoin Exchange!

While the Thodex hit is still remembered as one of the biggest events affecting Turkish investors, a new one seems to have been added to the scams. Now, Paritex, one of the local cryptocurrency exchanges, has stopped the processes. The exchange has not been accessible since September 13. In addition, Paritex’s official website states that the platform is “in planned maintenance”. Here are the details…

New Thodex event: Paritex

After the Thodex hit, another scandal emerged. Processes were stopped at Paritex, one of the local cryptocurrency exchanges. It is stated that Paritex has not been accessed since 13 September. There are arguments that the platform stopped the processes and received 50 million lira of user funds. Meanwhile, it was revealed that hundreds of aggrieved investors also made an error announcement to the prosecutor’s office.

Worries about Paritex CEO Özgür Serkan Uslu’s escape abroad are also being voiced on social media platforms. Aggrieved investors demand that MASAK take action to prevent the repetition of what happened in the Thodex hit.

It is stated that Ozgur Serkan Uslu, owner and CEO of Paritex, is behind the Ponzi scheme coin named MPAX Coin. . As we have also reported, 12,000 people were victimized in the fraud case against this coin. It is also stated that Uslu has 76 fraud documents. In a statement to various media outlets, Uslu said that “the problem is caused by the software developer”. He claimed that they refunded users their money.

Thodex founder caught

As it is known, Faruk Fatih Özer, CEO of crypto money exchange Thodex, fled abroad with approximately 2 billion dollars. He was even wanted with a red notice for defrauding thousands of people. Thodex founder Faruk Fatih Özer was arrested in Vlora, Albania, last month. For Özer, a prison sentence of up to 40,562 years for 3 other crimes is the subject of the word. The other day, a trial was held at the Elbasan Court of First Instance regarding the extradition of Fatih Özer to Turkey.

Court sources stated that the next session of the hearing will take place on October 21. The defense requested time to examine the documents. The court also decided to extend Özer’s detention. The deadline for detention is expected to last until the end of the extradition processes. The Elbasan Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office demands that Özer be extradited to Turkey. Wanted with a red notice, Özer was caught in Albania on 30 August.

On September 2, the Elbasan Court of First Instance decided to continue the detention of Özer. This decision went up to appeal on 14 September. A week later, the Dıraç Court of Appeal upheld Özer’s detention. Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu announced that Özer would be extradited to Turkey following the court process. Minister of Justice Bozdağ talked about the extradition of Özer in a phone call with the Minister of Justice of Albania.

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