More than 8 Knowing Analysts: These 2 Altcoins Will Increase Wildly!

A popular crypto analyst says the return of the chairman altcoin Ethereum (ETH) is imminent. In addition, there is a bullish expectation for the well-known chest coin Dogecoin (DOGE).

“The next level for the leading altcoin: $2,400”

Crypto analyst, nicknamed Smart Contracter, shared his latest assumptions to his 211,400 Twitter followers. The analyst is known for genuinely claiming the bottom of the 2018 Bitcoin (BTC) bear market. For Smart Contracter’s accurate assumptions See this article. The analyst says that ETH is currently giving a clear buying opportunity as it has repeatedly paid homage to the 200-week moving average. According to the analyst, the leading altcoin is targeting the $2,400 level. This means 80% benefit from current prices. In this context, Smart Contracter makes the following statement:

Long-term purchasing rivals have indeed made their mark. ETH is currently based on 200wma or five weeks. Once this weekly low dissolves and starts rising again, you’ll have no excuse why you missed it. I think $2,400 is next.

Source: Smart Contracter / Twitter

At press time, Ethereum is trading at $1,347.

“I think it’s time to take your shots!”

The popular analyst is also on the rise in altcoin projects in general. He says the altcoin index on crypto exchange FTX is printing a bull hammer pattern that creates a large falling wedge. This is considered a classic bullish pattern. The analyst makes the following assessment for altcoins:

Altcoin projects are now looking at GTG. IMO, the altcoin index on FTX had a big draw of 0.618 plus a crazy butt wick from its overall structure. It also looked like a falling wedge begging to leave. I think it’s time to shoot your shots.

Source: Smart Contracter / Twitter

Analyst also predicted rise for DOGE

Smart Contracter says the markets are poised to rise. However, another well-known analyst, Crypto Capo, argues that just a brief relief rally started before another big drop. According to Capo, Bitcoin is poised to rally to around $21,000 before making a heavy correction to the $14,000 level. Capo talks about these views as follows:

Price action looks like an uptrend. Heatmaps are bullish. All I see is a lot of shorts that need to be squeezed. Shorting is not a good idea. Send it for $21,000.

Source: Capo / Twitter

In the middle, earlier this month, Smart Contracter predicted a price increase for the chest coin Dogecoin. He said DOGE is poised to rise after “crazy” accumulation in Bitcoin (DOGE/BTC). He made the following statement for this prediction:

DOGE/BTC has the craziest looking high timeframe accumulation going on. I haven’t seen such a neat collection in a long time. I dare to review this again in a year. DOGE will be much higher at $0.065.

Source: Smart Contracter / Twitter

At press time, DOGE is trading at $0.05946 according to CoinmarketCap information.

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