MASAK Launched FTX Investigation: These Accounts Suspended!

The Presidency of the Financial Misdemeanors Investigation Council (MASAK) launched an investigation against the cryptocurrency exchange FTX and the real and legal persons it is affiliated with.

FTX statement from MASAK

The Financial Crimes Investigation Committee of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance announced that it has started an investigation on real and legal persons in contact with FTX. The statement made by the MASAK Presidency stated that the bankrupt exchange did not fulfill its obligations to its users in a true way. The Financial Errors Investigation Board is closely following the developments regarding FTX. In the November 14 announcement,

An investigation has been initiated against the real and legal individuals to which the global crypto asset trading platform operating under the trade name is affiliated, within the framework of the duties and authorities given to our Presidency in accordance with the law and legislation, furthermore, the related persons and institutions, such as banks, electronic money institutions, crypto asset service providers etc. Processes made to the accounts of obliged parties, 5549 p. Suspended under element 19/A of Kn. The investigations of our Presidency will be concluded urgently and shared with the relevant named and administrative authorities.

In the statement, it is stated that crypto money exchanges are obliged under the Law No. 5549 on the Prevention of Laundering of Criminal Revenues and the relevant legislation. This amendment was made on May 1, 2021 in the Regulation on Measures Regarding the Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime and Financing of Terrorism. Koindeks.comAs you follow, FTX was caught in the crisis with the revelation that its sister company Alamede is holding the exchange token as a reserve.

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