Marketing and Real Estate Coins: Let’s Get to Know These 10 Altcoins!

Crypto expert Will Izuchukwu shares his list of the 10 biggest Marketing and Real Estate Coins by market cap to watch in October.

Biggest Real Estate Coins

Etherland (ELAND)

It is possible to access the Etherland marketplace for virtual places and portable applications with the ELAND Protocol. The project’s native utility token is ELAND. The token is unique. Because it allows users to create and modify NFTs that accurately reflect real estate worldwide.


ATLANT is second in the list of Real Estate Coins. It advertises itself as the world’s Real Estate Blockchain platform. Its developers are the digital stock exchange,, and the residential rental platform allows users to rent flats worldwide with the lowest prices and honest reviews. On, on the other hand, you have the opportunity to invest in tokens that represent debt or equity of real assets.


Labs creates the world’s first end-to-end real estate investment ecosystem. Thus, by dividing real estate investments into modules, it increases real estate investments in the most valuable asset class. The LABS ecosystem token supports decentralized finance (DeFi) and governance. LABS connects the real estate segment with Blockchain technology, using Web3 to drive digital asset processes. Collaborating with a variety of hotels and properties around the world, it makes real estate accessible to everyone.

Ecoreal Estate

Ecoreal Estate is a decentralized platform within Real Estate Coins. It allows users to buy or sell real estate anywhere in the world. It contains a practical and flexible tool for finding and buying real estate. Ecoreal is a source of information on distinctive, always updated real estate market offers from around the world. The project aims to bring cryptocurrency to this highly regulated segment to facilitate international trade.

Propy (PRO)

Propy is backed by influential names from Silicon Valley and the National Association of Realtors. According to his argument, he is transforming the real estate branch by applying the latest technology. Located in the middle of Real Estate Coins, Propy offers three different ways to buy/sell a home. The platform automates the closing process to make real estate purchases faster, easier and safer for all parties.

Biggest Marketing Coins

adbank (ADB)

BLADE is at the core of the Adbank protocol, a groundbreaking advertising platform. BLADE is a cryptocurrency rewards community. The community gives unique missions on the Task Marketplace and pays you when you’re done. Apps and browser add-ons are in the middle of the options for BLADE. The group established a minimum barrier of withdrawal to reduce gas costs. The project transfers the rewards to your wallet when it reaches 10 times the current Ethereum gas.

HollyGold (HGOLD)

State-of-the-art HollyGold wants to build an ecosystem for the entire revel section. It uses Blockchain technology for the benefit of manufacturers, investors and the general public. In this way, HollyGold is causing a revolution in the entertainment industry. HollyGold continues to bring resources from the revel division to provide clients with NFTs of their favorite actors, actresses, musicians and other figures.

wabi (WABI)

With the help of the Wabi ecosystem, it is possible for brands and consumers to share information and assets faithfully and fluently. Consumers participating in the ecosystem are using different tools created for smoother purchasing decisions. Also, it’s winning an award from Wabi. In addition, it is possible for customers to use the tokens to purchase thousands of distinctive artifacts from around the world that are sent to them from a dedicated Marketplace.

Ambire AdEx (ADX)

Ambire is promoting itself as a DeFi-focused crypto wallet and a next-generation solution for digital advertising. In fact, it’s the new name for AdEx Network, an emerging startup. In the middle, the developers launched Ambire as a decentralized ad exchange in 2017. It has since become a complete protocol for advertising space and time trading. Later, the cluster expanded its corporate portfolio to include the Ambire wallet.

Adshares (ADS)

Adshares is a Web3 decentralized advertising protocol that provides Blockchain-based adware. According to the website, Adshares provides a random media-ready advertising standard designed to evolve. It allows programmatic advertising amid websites, portable apps, AR/VR, games, and Metaverse. Thus, it enables monetization from a random digital domain and cross-ad campaigns. For the latest and truthful cryptocurrency news and analysis Koindeks.comDon’t forget to follow

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