Market Leader: Not DOGE! This Altcoin Is Twitter’s Money

Anthony Pompliano, the founder of CryptoLaw, suggests on Twitter a more adequate altcoin than DOGE or BTC. After Elon Musk took over the platform, DOGE appeared as the first candidate to be used in payments.

Anthony Pompliano says this altcoin will be more efficient than DOGE

According to the market leader, XRP has a better chance of outperforming BTC and DOGE on Twitter. Pompliano believes that DOGE or Bitcoin are not the best options for “Twitter’s currency.” In his new tweets, he argued that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that can replace the dollar as Twitter’s official currency. However, John Deaton, one of the well-known XPR bulls, disagrees with him. Deaton stated that XRP played this valuable role years before Bitcoin (BTC).

Twitter used XRP for micropayments years before Bitcoin

In another tweet, Anthony Pompliano detailed why Elon Musk should not opt ​​for Dogecoin for Twitter. The market expert suggests that Dogecoin is not the most ideal payment network for Twitter. According to him, Bitcoin will be a more adequate choice in such a choice. Deaton quickly supported this interpretation of Pompliano. He emphasized the use of Lightning Network technology in addition to what Pompliano had said. Pomp, on the other hand, says that Bitcoin will only “handle instantaneous, global micro-processes at scale.” However, it reminded me that former CEO Jack Dorsey actually embraced Bitcoin.

In response, John Deaton pointed out that XRP was used on Twitter with XRPTip Bot years before Bitcoin. However, XRPTip Bot was blocked by Twitter in 2020. Its developer, Wietse Wind, later made several upgrades that helped it bypass the Twitter ban. Twitter is currently suspending its XRPTip Bot as this effort is not enough.

Following this development, Twitter introduced the tip feature of Bitcoin and then Ethereum. Deaton says this happened because Jack Dorsey, who became CEO in 2020, favored Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, which provides faster and cheaper BTC payments. In the middle, the XRP token has been on the blacklist of multiple platforms and exchanges since the 2020 SEC lawsuit.

John Deaton sums up the latest from the XRP case

Anthony Pompliano shared that he is suing for supporting Ripple Labs in the fight against the SEC. Deaton, on the other hand, says that the use of XRP in the payment system of Twitter and the US GAO in 2014 explains these.

In the latest developments from the lawsuit, 12 top companies including Coinbase submitted amicus briefs in support of Ripple. Koindeks.comWe have discussed the latest developments in the case in this article.

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