Many Gold Predictions Released: Don’t! In February…

Gold and Money Markets Specialist İslam Memiş, this time addressed the newly married couples. He warned that they were going to have a wedding. He also shared his offer for the gold worn during the wedding. Islam Memiş warned the newlyweds or about the jewelery they will get married. The expert qualifies as a defect to take the wedding jewelry to the house. According to Memiş, jewelry should be protected in a bank vault. He also told the couples that they should borrow in TL. He also said that after February, banks will “open the credit taps”. Here are the details…

Gold and Money Market Expert advises those who will get married

Unlike her usual posts, Islam Memiş addressed the couples who will get married this time. Islam Memiş said that “we have entered a period of promise and engagement” and conveyed how to act. In general, he stated that it is necessary to make the installment opportunity more expensive while shopping. He noted that it is advantageous for credit card users to pay their expenses in installments. He said that since he has TL debt, he finds fixed installments positive. He says these installments fall under the category of smart borrowing.

He also thinks that those who have cash should pay in installments. The expert points out that cash can be turned into an instant investment. He notes that during the wedding process, there will definitely be a need for gold. The expert, who reveals the situation of gold prices in the last 20 years, draws attention to the 6,288 percent increase in the price metal. He also says that gram gold started the year at 775 liras, but is currently at 1,010 liras. He states that 50,000 liras worth of gold last year is now equivalent to 91,475 liras. Therefore, he says, cash should be valued with gold.

Credit faucets will open in February

Islam Memiş says that it is best to keep wedding jewelry in the bank. He states that turning the jewelry into something random after the wedding will cause you to waste your labor. He pointed out that when the wedding debt is over, it is still necessary to borrow money for investment. He states that borrowing in TL is valuable, as jewelry will mean a “down payment”. In addition, according to the expert, although banks are currently ending loans, credit taps will be opened after February.

Afterwards, everyone will have the chance to reach cash in a comfortable form. Islam Memiş also advises on future investment behavior of couples. He states that 1 gram of gold or 10 grams of silver should be set aside every month.

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