LIVE: FED Leader Speaks! Attention to Gold and Bitcoin!

The US central bank, the Fed, has announced its highly anticipated interest rate decision. The Fed increased the interest rate by 0.75 basis points. Gold and Bitcoin price were affected by the FED’s decision and suddenly started to rise. FED Leader Jerome Powell is holding a press conference half an hour after the announcement. Fazi’s decision was taken unanimously. Eyes on Jerome Powell’s statements… Koindeks.comWe have compiled all the details for you, let’s examine the explanations together… The article will always be updated with new statements from the FED Chairman. Always update the page so you don’t miss the explanations!

FED Leader speaks: Gold and Bitcoin investors’ eyes are on these statements!

The US central bank, the Fed, announced its expected interest rate decision. The FED had increased the interest rate by 75 basis points in its previous meetings, and in today’s meeting, the FED increased the interest rate again by 0.75 basis points. The Fed increased the policy rate to the range of 3.75%-4%. This decision came in line with market expectations. The dollar came under selling pressure again and the US Dollar Index fell below the 111.00 level with the first reaction. “Cumulative tightening, policy delays, economic and financial developments will be taken into account when determining the pace of rate hikes,” the Fed said.

The Fed assumes that continued rate hikes will be appropriate to maintain a sufficiently restrictive policy stance to return inflation to 2% over time. The price of gold and Bitcoin suddenly went up with the decision of the FED. Now, Fed Leader Jerome Powell is speaking. Fed Leader Jerome Powell is holding a press conference half an hour after the announcement of the interest rate decision. Jerome Powell’s first statements take the form:

  • Inflation remains high.
  • The FOMC is extremely wary of inflation risks.

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