Legend Knowing Bitcoin Drops Announces Next!

The monthly employment numbers in the USA have increased since September. However, investors were seen to be in an optimistic mood. The cryptocurrency market, especially the president cryptocurrency Bitcoin, closed the week on a strong note.

Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin gains strength

The US economy added 261,000 jobs in October, according to data provided by the Department of Labor. Looking at the statistics for September, these numbers were revised upwards from 263 thousand to 315,000. The stronger-than-expected results show that the Fed will have a hard time trying to reduce inflation in the flexible labor market. The Fed has previously announced that lowering inflation will likely lead to higher unemployment. Therefore, this increase observed in the number of recruits actually points to continued rate increases.

S&P, Dow and Nasdaq managed to close the day in the green with 1.36 percent, 1.26% and 1.28% gains, respectively. As we have reported as Koindeks.com; Subsequently, all three big averages pulled the week down. Data provided by TradingView reported that Bitcoin (BTC) had a 5.6 percent mid-day rally. President crypto has rallied from $20,175 to an intraday high of $21,395. But as a result of the gains, the BTC price came back to $ 21 thousand. Thus, it was the strongest move above the $21,000 support/resistance zone since Sept. 13.

The analyst who kept the forecasts made a new post

It is stated that the strength that the Bitcoin price showed earlier in the day is “tighter” in trading. The closely followed cryptocurrency analyst, the prefecture Capo of Crypto, made a new prediction. The bullish volatility excites many in the cryptocurrency markets. However, it is stated that it has forced some investors to re-enter the market. Cryptocurrency analyst, known as the Provincial Capo of Crypto, announced that this move has been expected for a while.

OK, 21 thousand dollars to 21,500 dollars has been reached. So what now? This is a very strong resistance zone. Shorts get bored and that’s causing the uptrend. You don’t want to see this in the name of continuing a trend. This is where the Longs get stuck. This is where to be careful.

The cryptocurrency analyst drew attention with his previous assumptions. Capo previously predicted in real form that BTC will hit the lowest level in the last 22 months. Önder stated that the cryptocurrency will fall to the level of 16 thousand dollars. The cryptocurrency analyst is particularly known for assuming BTC price declines as truth. In 2021, he predicted that the price of Bitcoin would drop to $50,000. In 2020, he assumed the place of the BTC price at $ 3,500 as real.

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