Last Minute: Giant Bitcoin Exchange Suspended Processes!

Giant Bitcoin exchange BitMEX has suspended processes on its platform, stating that it is working on a fix.

BitMEX suddenly stopped processes

BitMEX officials said that they are working on a fix, while they did not give a deadline about when the processes will open. The well-known Bitcoin exchange emphasized that its customers’ funds will be on faith, meanwhile:

Processes on our platform are currently suspended due to a technical issue. We are working on a fix and reminding customers that funds are on faith… Deposits and withdrawals will be stored and processed after the issue is resolved… We have identified the cause of the issue and are already implementing a fix. We apologize for the inconvenience and remind users that funds are on faith. As you follow, BitMEX CEO Alexander Hoeptner announced his resignation earlier this week. Alexander Höptner resigned as BitMex’s CEO after serving on the mission for nearly two years. According to a stockbroker, Stephan Lutz will fill the CEO position on an impermanent basis. Former CEO Höptner has been on BitMex since January 2021. He previously worked at Börse Stuttgart, Deutsche Börse AG and Euwax AG. Here Börse was instrumental in the development of Stuttgart’s crypto exchange Bison.

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