Last Minute For Solana And These 9 Altcoins: There Is Giant News!

ImmutableX is launching the IMX token at the cost of $66 million at the unlock event. Elusiv raised a total of $3.5 million from a cluster of top VCs. Solana announced the NFT integration boost from Instagram and Facebook. And keep reading us for more improvements.

Hot developments for IMX, ADA, Cosmos, Solana and more altcoins

$66M unlock from ImmutableX

Immutable X, a platform for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), will issue approximately 110 million IMX tokens to investors who purchased the token in a private sale a year ago. Therefore, it is possible for some investors to see a 500% return on their shares. ImmutableX is preparing to release $66 million worth of IMX tokens at the unlock event. However, early private investors are likely to sell some of their holdings. In this case, it is possible that the price of the token could potentially fall.

Elusiv raised $3.5 million in financing

Elusiv is a Web3 protocol that brings an additional layer of privacy to cryptocurrency processes. Now the altcoin shares the details of its latest funding type. It also shows the next milestones in its development and adoption. Accordingly, the Elusiv group announced that they have successfully completed the strategic financing type. They announced that they had raised a total of $3.5 million from a cluster of top VC firms.

$3M funding for Aptos-based projects from Crypto Wallet Blocto

Layer 1 Blockchain from former Meta employees made its main-net debut with a limited ecosystem last month. Blocto, a multi-chain crypto wallet and ecosystem based on Mark Cuban, has opened a $3 million Aptos Ecosystem Fund to assist projects for new users.

Cardano’s main grant program, Catalyst, paused indefinitely

The co-founder of dcSpark Guillemot shared that the Catalyst project has been suspended indefinitely. Sebastien Guillemot, Technical Officer and Co-Founder of crypto ecosystem founder dcSpark, stated that Cardano’s main grant program (Catalyst treasury) has been suspended indefinitely. Therefore, Guillemot noted that it was time to see what his gluttons in the branch were fond of.

Philippines UnionBank announces subsidiary with METACO

METACO is a Blockchain infrastructure provider to launch crypto trading services for clients. Union Bank of the Philippines, also known as UnionBank, announced that it has established a subsidiary with METACO. According to the official statement made by the METACO group, UnionBank will use METACO’s identity and authentication storage and administration platform as the basis for the new solution.

Instagram and Facebook provide NFT integration for Solana NFTs

Decentralized Block platform Solana has announced the NFT integration foundation from Instagram and Facebook. The Twitter account shared that the integration will take place in a few days. He also noted that it will allow users to showcase their favorite NFTs.

Cosmos delists Australian crypto ETFs

Cosmos Asset Management will delist the Purpose Ethereum Access ETF and the Purpose Bitcoin Access ETF. The decision came after a public debate amid Burniske and the CEO of Cboe Australia. Global X Bitcoin and Ethereum funds have a combined market capitalization of around AUD 8.5 million in Australia.

STASIS integrates XRP Ledger for EURS

STASIS is a euro-backed stablecoin issuer. It has now completed integrating XRP Ledger for its flagship stablecoin EURS. In this context, according to STASIS, the integration that started in February ended yesterday. With this integration, XRP Ledger will open the doors of countless stablecoin use cases.

Bill Hinman and Jay Clayton accidentally started supporting Ripple

Eleanor Terrett, a journalist, recently tweeted that Bill Hinman, former Director of the SEC Corporate Finance Division, and former SEC leader Jay Clayton accidentally supported Ripple Labs.

Hinman and Clayton support Ripple through their association with Electric Capital and a16z, both members of the Crypto Innovation Board. Clayton has been serving as an advisor to Electric Capital since August of this year.

Chainlink announces valuable news as community awaits LINK stake As you follow, the LINK community is collectively waiting for local token staking. However, Chainlink made another big announcement. Accordingly, the undisputed chairman of the crypto space, the developer of the oracle network, has announced a partnership with Seedify Fund. Chainlink’s new partner is a major incubator and launchpad for Blockchain games, NFT and metaverses.

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