Last Minute for AVAX and These 18 Altcoins! Stakeholder, Listing…

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a number of important developments in the last few days. A total of 18 altcoins, including AVAX, released last-minute announcements. Accordingly, the aforementioned cryptocurrencies have become the focus of investors with new partnerships, listings and updates. In this article, you can find the last minute developments and announcements in the world of crypto money.

Last minute updates for AVAX and these 18 altcoins

  • As we have reported, crypto lending platform Celsius has filed for bankruptcy in the past months. Now that this case is pending, Celsius accepts the court’s requests. Finally, the platform submitted the name and process histories of the customers to the court. This poses a problem for user privacy.
  • XRPFL has made changes to its UNL. Accordingly, it reduced the validators owned by Ripple to two. Also, it added a new validator to the list. For those who don’t know, UNL is a list of trusted validators that perform well and don’t cooperate based on premise.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced that it will be working with the Ethereum Foundation and Optimism to accelerate the EIP-4844 upgrade. EIP-4844 upgrade will reduce gas prices and increase process speed in Ethereum Layer-2 aggregations.
  • Decentralized Ethereum scaling solution Polygon has signed a subsidiary to support environmental sensitivity. Accordingly, the platform has partnered with the Ocean Conservation Research and Education Foundation (OCEEF) to help people learn ocean literacy in creative, fun and engaging ways.
  • Offering various indicators for cryptocurrencies, CME Group has started to support 3 new cryptocurrencies. Accordingly, the company will now provide pricing data for such AVAX, Filecoin and Tezos.
  • Sandbox has formed a partnership with football star Kun Aguero. The Metaverse platform aims to attract fans of the football star through participation.
  • Fast-growing Singapore-based DeFi company Cake DeFi has released a new announcement. Accordingly, users will now have the advantage of staking Ethereum on such platform.
  • FTX makes it possible to trade cryptocurrencies with Turkish lira. The exchange adds TRY parity to AVAX, BTC, ETH, SOL, TRX, USD, USDT and GST coins.
  • Leading crypto exchange Binance has launched margin processes for Lazio Fan Token (LAZIO) and FC Porto Fan Token (PORTO). Accordingly, users will be able to benefit from various parities for cross and isolated margin processes with these fan tokens. The pairs include USDT and BUSD.
  • Lido, Ethereum’s leading staking system, made a statement on Thursday. According to the statement, Lido has decided to support the wrapped versions of the well-known Staked Ether (stETH) token. Lido’s Wrapped stETH tokens will come to Ethereum layer-2 networks Arbitrum and Optimism.
  • MakerDAO has announced a $500 million fund securing the Dai (DAI) stablecoin. The Foun is intended to provide low-risk additional returns to the protocol. According to the announcement, the fund allocated for this return will be re-allocated to US Treasuries and corporate bonds.
  • Zcash (ZEC) experienced a spike in size due to high process volumes. Therefore, users feared a potential spam attack. After that, the company named Electric Coin Company behind Zcash made a statement. The firm argued that concerns about spam attacks stemmed from sheer anxiety, uncertainty, and suspicion.

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