Last Minute Description For These 3 Altcoins From Binance CEO!

In the battle amid the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance and FTX, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) extended an olive arm. Sharing a series of tweets, CZ also talked about some altcoin projects in the middle of the line.

Binance CEO: I was transparent about FTT As you follow, Binance CEO CZ made some statements about the FTX Token (FTT) during the war. Behind this, significant tremors occurred in the altcoin price. There have even been rumors of bankruptcy about FTT’s issuer, crypto derivatives exchange FTX. This led to speculation that a war was taking place between the two exchanges and their employers. Of late, however, CZ tried to calm the atmosphere by sharing a series of tweets. Changpeng Zhao started his post with this:

I was out with friends yesterday when the topic of whale alerts came up. I have decided to be transparent by abiding by our elements. So I wrote and posted a bet within 5 minutes. Little did I know that there would be “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

“Everyone in our industry wants more transparency, right?” CZ said. ‘ he continued his explanation. On the other hand, he clarified his stance on FTT, implying that he was misunderstood. He said of this bet:

My tweets were easy. There were questions about the large ($580 million) FTT deposit on Binance. We were transparent about closing our FTT location. It was surprising that it triggered so much ‘controversy’. There were also conspiracy theories that I somehow orchestrated all this. If you read this thread, you will appreciate that no one can edit this.

“I can’t deal with fighting, I focus on my work”

Changpeng Zhao was also about to resent the photos and gifs used on social media and in the news. She noted that people were looking for a brawl, so she was trying to see if there would be a conflict. CZ used the following words in his statement:

Funny photos, the media and some people tried to color it as a ‘fight’. I’m sorry to disappoint you. However, I spend my strength not in fighting, but in building. Today I spent the day on our work and our community. I recommend that your gluttons do the same.

Binance CEO CZ says they still hold LUNC

In the middle, as you may recall, the CEO of Alaade, the name at the center of the quarrel, made an invitation to Binance CEO CZ about FTT. In this context, he said that they were ready to buy the FTTs they were considering to sell at $22.

Following CZ’s post, a follower asked CZ, “Are you planning to accept Alameda’s offer to close the OTC situation to avoid further impact on the market?” posed the question. CZ then asked, “Do they own or are they going to buy $580 million worth of BNB?” he replied. In addition, LUNC made a statement stating that they were holding:

I didn’t say that. It was a question, not a commitment. I think we will stay in the free market. We still hold LUNA (now LUNC) today

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