Investors Removed Wins: Binance Can List This Altcoin!

The cryptocurrency community has launched a petition for the Binance listing of a new altcoin project. A precedent attempt has previously been successful for the Shiba Inu (SHIB).

30 thousand people gave voice to Binance list

The official Floki Inu Twitter account has started a petition to persuade Binance to list the FLOKI token. The Floki community is currently trying to increase the number. However, it should be noted that this campaign is not the first petition requesting that Floki be listed on a valuable exchange. In a different petition earlier this year, the Floki Inu community put pressure on Robinhood. The new petition currently has 29,147 signatures.

In the middle, we saw a precedent campaign in the Shiba Inu. By November, the SHIB community was on Robinhood’s doorstep, collecting almost 500,000 signatures. The exchange had to list SHIB to cheer its users and followers. In the middle, FLOKI started trading on the first euro pair on cryptocurrency exchange LiteBit.

FLOKI’s competitor destroyed Amazon with ‘great potential’

Unlike Floki, other well-known chest coins are gradually burning their supply to increase their price. In particular, SHIB and BabyDoge continued to systematically burn tokens this year. Shib Fabulous Store, one of the most active SHIB burning initiatives, uses the Amazon affiliate program as one of the tools to get rid of its trillion-dollar circulation supply.

Travis Johnson, the man behind the Shib Fabulous Store, said in a tweet recently that Amazon has tremendous potential to let the Shiba Inu burn. Johnson buys SHIB using committees from Amazon sales, as well as advertising revenue from its portable games, YouTube channel, and other affiliate networks.

SHIB token burn rate increased to 584%

Despite all the efforts, the price of the Shiba Inu has remained stable so far. The community has so far sent 410,382,016,984,249 tokens to the dead wallet. Tracking the token burning processes, Shibburn shows that a total of 50,802,530 Shiba Inu have been transferred in six processes in the last 24 hours. As a result, the overall burn rate increased by 584%. A total of 395,803,998 SHIB have been transferred to non-spendable wallets over the past week. As you follow, David Gokhshtein, a former US politician, thinks chest coins will start the next bull run. These highly speculative cryptocurrencies have managed to stay in the top 20 despite the current bear market. Despite 80% loss in value from peak prices, SHIB still ranks 15th by market cap. Dogecoin, on the other hand, remains at the 10th place after beating Polygon.

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