Investment Myth: Bitcoin in the Future and It Will Increase Too!

Known for his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki shared in detail why he was interested in Bitcoin.

Here’s why Bitcoin is Robert Kiyosaki’s port of faith

Investment legend Robert Kiyosaki recently voiced his interest in Bitcoin on Twitter. This time he cites a Forbes article that claims pension funds are “gambling” on cryptocurrencies. The related article suggests that a portion of a US state or local government-backed pension fund is devoted to cryptocurrencies:

According to a 2022 study published by the CFA Institute, 94% of government and government-backed pension funds are invested in one or more cryptocurrencies, despite obvious risks.

Despite the obvious risks, 94% of government and government-backed pension funds invest in one or more cryptocurrencies, according to the CFA Institute research cited in the report. Kiyosaki previously listed a few reasons why he might consider buying Bitcoin. He stated that the actions of the US government such as heavy borrowing, rising inflation and rising interest rates have caused the US dollar to “collapse”. According to his assumption, the price of Bitcoin, gold and silver could increase significantly in the future.

2022, cryptocurrencies and global markets bearish

For cryptocurrencies and the rest of the global markets, 2022 was a bearish year. Since the market top, Bitcoin has lost 71% of its value. According to the author, the big market crash he predicted in 2013 is almost here. According to him, it may be time to start making money with cryptocurrency.

Peter Brandt harshly criticizes the speakers

Elsewhere, renowned market analyst Peter Brandt has harshly criticized the phenomena that keep up with the “laser eyes” trend in peak prices. Brandt is directly targeting former MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor in the tweet below. Peter Brandt stated in a tweet that he would not assume Bitcoin’s price below $20,000. These words caught the attention of the President of MicroStrategy.

As Saylor points out:

Laser eyes express a long-term commitment to Bitcoin based on its ethical, technical and economic superiority over alternative assets. All major financial asset classes have been losing volume over the past year. That’s why we don’t do it, we hodl.

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