If the money doesn’t come, the economy will freeze!

In the easiest way, Turkey’s important meaning in foreign currency has a need. If he doesn’t come, he may manage for one more time, and then the payments become unstable. Well? A crisis of payments stability develops.

Alright foreign currency does it come to the country somehow? The answer to this question is getting more and more true from the negative to the opposite with each passing day. Incoming from embargoed Russia with connection status “war” moneystrying to save the day.

How is it going to be? How moneywill it be found?

If a foreign country fund comes out and says that they love Turkey very much and that they will invest no matter what… That job is not that easy… What do you think will happen if credit ratings, inflation, macro indicators etc.

FAFT! of black money Financial Working Group on the Prevention of Laundering… It was established in 1989. It has become a very serious institution.

This institution warned Turkey in 2019, in 2021 black moneyThere are countries that do not “do enough” in laundering and financing of terrorism. “grey list”took it.

Banking, gold and expensive stone trade, real estate Control of high-risk segments, such as And yesterday, with its prestige, Turkey hailed due to its insufficient efforts. “grey list”left.

There is no investment left to escape, is there a future?

His explanation was also nice… People entering and leaving Turkey source of moneyit’s still not obvious… Nice brother, what in this country? moneys We don’t know where it turns! Are they going to go and explain it to you?

It was already clear… In the 2022 International Narcotic Endeavor Strategy Report submitted by the US Department of State to the Congress, Turkey is defined as a “transit country in international drug trafficking, black money described it as the hub of traffic. At least if Turkey doesn’t slip from one of the lists to the black one…

The interesting part was not even on the agenda. Indeed, there are no foreign investors left to flee the country. The main problem here is that there is no future…

Here’s one more reason…

All right, but what difference will it make to the white or gray of the list? Much! IMF researched, wrote, drew, reported… When you are put in the gray of the lists, foreign resource and foreign capital inflows decrease. What this means for Turkey 20-25 billion dollarsis lost.

Turkey even if they want to come briefly black moneyin the gray list in the laundering category… They don’t want to pollute the color of moneyJust because we will earn three or five cents more… They cannot explain this to the fund’s customers…

As a matter of fact, the European Union Council, by showing this decision as a precedent, black money can be included in the list. Then keep struggling to sell goods for three cents…

Whatever money you have, come again!

However, the state of the country’s economy is so critical… money it doesn’t matter. Enough to come… Only moneyneither… Gold, silver, diamond, emerald, mother-of-pearl, ruby… Whatever is worth…

green green dollarshappens, colorful eurosIt happens, with a queen photo, with slanted eyes… Suitcase full Russian Ruble Passenger to the Grand Bazaar… All are accepted, including checks and promissory notes. The swap is entered. It doesn’t matter black, gray or even petrol blue. Crypto If it is, it will not be eaten. Turkey does not forgive!

The country lacks resources and needs to be repaid or converted. billions of dollarsfinancial pressure created by debt is the subject of the word… to the moneyThe difficulty he has experienced due to his neediness is obvious… What no one brings to mind is why when we look for salvation on the dark side of power when the safe is empty…

They say you are on the gray list, we don’t even object. Because we do not know exactly how to calculate the cost of lost prestige, prestige and trust!

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