“Hottest” Aptos (APT) Forecasts from 4 Analysts!

Aptos (APT), which started to be listed on October 19, has been attracting heavy attention for a while. L1 project, which is on Binance’s list after FTX, continues to rise despite all the setbacks. However, according to Twitter analysts, especially Cold Blooded Shiller, it may now be nearing the end.

Aptos (APT) catches the attention of shorts

The APT coin was sold privately to venture capitalists on October 19th before being listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges. The price of Aptos has dropped from about $17-30 to about $6.80 on various exchanges. This has led some analysts to argue that venture capital firms benefit from personal investors.

Now, Twitter’s @ColdBloodShill says accumulating short Aptos positions will lead to a “fall from the top”. Aptos whetted the appetite of shorts while he was on the top for a while. ColdBloodShill says this will result in a short squeeze, but will eventually result in higher levels. Last weekend, the Aptos price peaked at $10.33 before dropping to $9. It is currently trading at $9.74, up 4% compared to the last 24 hours.

Another analyst @SalsaTekila is waiting for a short squeeze for Aptos, similar to ColdBloodShill. While sharing Coinalyze’s open interest information, the technical analyst warned that funding rates are negative and the price of Aptos is up 33%:

Open interest on APT has increased by $160 million in the past day. In this midst, the price rose more than 33% while funding rates were maximally negative. Humans pay 0.75% every 8 hours in bybit to expose perpetrators! Shorts sweat as the chance of a short squeeze increases.

Short squeeze is an unusual situation that triggers rapidly rising prices. It occurs when there are heavily shorted investors in a crypto. This starts when the price unexpectedly rises. It gains momentum when most shorts decide to cut losses and exit their situation. Both analysts above say that Aptos pulled too many shorts at the top price, but a short squeeze would turn that around.

Does it make sense to short APT?

In this bet, Salsa Tekila said that he did not open the Aptos position, but he also hesitated to open a short. On the other hand, an analyst who started a long position on Aptos also announced his expectation for the APT price. With 155,000 followers, @cryptomocho made almost $9 in profit. On October 22, at around $7.50, Crypto Mocho posted its setup for a long position on Aptos.

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