Here are 4 Altcoins You Should Have on Your Radar in Q4!

The cryptocurrency market strenuously wrapped up the year 2022, when it returned a large part of its total volume. Here are 4 altcoins showing signs of recovery for the end of the year.

4 altcoins for the end of the year


Sandclock aims to develop ultra-programmable money using cutting-edge efficiency generating techniques. The project reveals the programmability of capital by separating principal from returns. It allows users to randomly split one to develop their strategy. The design possibilities are endless, from contributions to DCA vaults, corporate CSR administration, zero-loss contributions, investments and subscription services, to the creation of DAOs that provide access to exit liquidity to NFT base breakers.

The Sandclock team is working to convert 50 million more non-crypto users to web3 soon. The cryptocurrency of the Sandclock ecosystem is QUARTZ.


DEXTools provides information about all decentralized markets. DEXT became the main hub of Defi as it is today due to the widespread adoption of DEXTools by the DeFi community. DEXTools integrates Blockchain information into a complete user interface, allowing you to understand your processes, investments and current cryptocurrency market.

The network’s token, DEXT, is used to access premium process cluster and community projects, and access top-of-the-line features of the app through retention or monthly subscription.

Shapeshift FOX Token (FOX)

ShapeShift is portfolio manager that supports cross chain, stock market and user autonomy. The stock market is completely decentralized in ShapeShift. Unlike centralized exchanges, you trade with other users and there is no intermediary responsible for your keys. ShapeShift is exceptional in that it does not hold client funds, as it has never lost a single user’s money.


As a next-generation platform for monitoring and intelligence, PARSIQ prides itself on providing analytical solutions for Blockchain technology in a variety of businesses. Users can now create quick notifications. It can also discover new use cases for its applications and monitor network activities in real time.

PARSIQ uses proof of custody and proof of solvency consensus techniques for real-time blockchain monitoring. Developers who want to take full advantage of the altcoin project have access to a proprietary programming language. Still, anyone can use this technology using visual editors that use drag-and-drop templates.

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