Hedge Fund Billionaire Invested In This Web3 Coin!

A hedge fund billionaire who has invested in crypto projects since 2018 will spend $10 million on this Web3 coin.

Steve Cohen-based firm allocated $10 billion to this Web3 coin

AQUA announced that it has received a $10 million investment from DIGITAL, backed by Steve Cohen. The project is the Web3 community platform for gamers. He recently built his main artifact, a marketplace where players can trade in-game assets. Steve Cohen, the man behind the investment, runs Point72 Asset Management and has been investing in crypto since 2018. It was noteworthy that the most recent investment was in a Web3 coin project.

AQUA’s marketplace features Blockchain games and the platform has already collaborated with well-known P2E games. In the middle of the games he reconciled, there are crowded games such as God’s Unchained and Guild of Guardians. However, the platform is steadily expanding its affiliates each month.

AQUA uses the Immutable X network, which offers more favorable numbers in terms of speed and cost. Immutable X is gaining popularity as a layer 2 blockchain focused specifically on games. AQUA’s roadmap includes expanding into different networks to build more powerful Blockchain games. Sean Ryan, CEO of AQUA, in an interview with CoinDesk:

You can definitely go to OpenSea or a general purpose marketplace and buy game assets. However, we want players who are interested in how to play this game. What will I do with these assets? How do I find other people to play with?’

About AQUA

AQUA’s founding members are gaming industry veterans Ryan and John Cahil, who previously headed gaming affiliates at Facebook. The duo previously founded Meez, an early phase of the metaverse that launched in 2008. Ryan, in his statements about the future of the sector:

The primary place for the next 300 million people to enter Web3 will be gaming. Gaming is the biggest, fastest growing media on the planet, and it has some pretty technically adept people who can put up with some of the friction we’re seeing right now if they’re really excited about the game.

Web3 has revolutionized various industries, including gaming. These games differ greatly from the classic gaming platforms. It allows players to interact with games in innovative and decentralized ways. Moreover, people can play to win via cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Thus, democratize all aspects of the game. It also puts it in the hands of the player, rather than confining it to a single central authority within a game. Koindeks.comAs you follow, Web3 coins are increasing their scale on Binance.

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