Greenland Explores Blockchain-Based Election System

Greenland researchers are researching a blockchain-based electoral system to create a faithful online voting system.

Blockchain technology is important for countries and organizations because third-party parties cannot enter the system without approval. Applications that rely on trust and security are in the midst of adopting blockchain technology as its potential applications continue to expand. Researchers in Greenland are also aiming to develop a new system.

Greenland Relies on Blockchain Technology for its Electoral System

In Greenland, certain researchers were funded to develop a blockchain-based online voting system.

Researchers at Aarhus University, Alexandra Institute, IT University, and Concordium Blockchain received funding from university collaboration DIREC to create a fiduciary online voting system. A grant of $472,000 was given to researchers.

The project is being run with Greenland’s Ministry of Social Affairs, the Labor Market and the Interior, and the cluster came into existence following a 2020 law amendment allowing online voting in the country.

Concordium CTO Square Kjelstrommade the following statements:

“An online choice has many advantages. However, insecurity and the lack of regulation of fiduciary analyzes hindered the progress of the vast majority of countries. In Greenland, where very remote distances make it difficult for people to vote, an online analysis could potentially increase voter turnout. Greenlanders will have the opportunity to cast their votes online in the future.”

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