Google CEO: This Altcoin Will Lead the Web3 Wind!

In a new interview, Google CEO Eric Schmidt shared which altcoin projects will lead the Web3 market to go mainstream.

Eric Schmidt sees the future of Web3 in this altcoin project

Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov recently met with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. The two discussed how Chainlink set up as a Web3 information process and belief services platform. Schmidt says he’s skeptical of the idea behind Web3. But he said he was convinced of Nazarov’s “crazy idea” about the Web3 space.

Schmidt says it’s not possible for Web3 companies to take over Amazon, Google and other tech companies. But he explained that there may be situations where the insecurity that Web3 provides is not necessary. Instead, it will be possible to achieve decentralization through centralization.

LINK jumps to $8

Over the weekend, oracle provider Chainlink’s native token LINK rose to $8. Price increase, It came after a major whale activity was approved by Santiment. Santiment data revealed that LINK’s whale processes peaked at 4 months last weekend:

There are 33 different LINK processes, each worth over $1 million. In addition, this token has recorded the highest whale activity in 24 hours since June 27. Crypto investors started paying attention to LINK back in September.

According to the data, whales’ appetite to buy LINK increased again in October. Currently, LINK’s current $8 price represents a strong resistance zone. The sooner LINK breaks out of this strong resistance, the faster it will start a strong uptrend. It spent the last few months in the $6-$8 region before stabilizing in this region. Last week, the well-known crypto exchange Binance launched its first oracle network. Thus, it became one of Chainlink’s new competitors. In the middle, Chainlink also made an update regarding the integrations on the platform.

Chainlink news that should not be missed

According to the update on Twitter, 15 integrations of 3 Chainlink services on five different Blockchains took place last week. These networks are Polygon, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Bnbchain and Avalanche. The update also reminded LINK owners of the platform’s staking offer. Interested LINK holders can check their eligibility and participate in Chainlink staking v0.1.

Altcoins experienced a strong rise last week. Leading chest coins DOGE and SHIB have reaped huge benefits. However, DOGE’s price has rallied more than 10% additionally since then. According to the latest information, it is currently trading at $0.127. It should be noted that it has rallied over 150% since last week.

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