Good News for These 3 Altcoins from Coinbase and BKEX: Listed!

US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has decided to list Hashflow (HFT), the 31st project of Binance Launchpool. BKEX, on the other hand, lists 2 new altcoins.

Coinbase announces adding Hashflow (HFT) to its roadmap

Hashflow (HFT) is a DEX platform that supports cross-chain interoperability. It aims to provide its users with low gas price and MEV protected process experience. Currently, Hashflow supports public networks such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism and BNB. The latest HFT listing announcement came from MEXC Global. Mexico-based cryptocurrency exchange announced that it will list Hashflow on November 7.

Now a new listing decision comes from Coinbase. The second largest exchange in the world by transaction volume, has announced that it has added Hashflow (HFT) to its roadmap, although it is not listed now. As we reported, Binance announced that its 31st project on the Launchpool platform is Hashflow (HFT). According to public information, Hashflow has raised $3.2 million in funding. Among the investors are companies such as Dragonfly Capital, Alameda Research, Metastable Capital, Galaxy Digital, etc.

Hashflow (HFT) is currently in the ICO stage. Token sales will run from November 1 to December 1.

BKEX lists these 2 altcoin projects

Cryptocurrency exchange BKEX, located in the British Virgin Islands, has decided to list the PLC Ultima token. The exchange will now allow its users to perform PLCU/USDT processes. Money investment processes started yesterday evening. Trading processes start at 18:00 today. Withdrawal processes will be open from the moment of deposit.

PLCU price is moving horizontally during my listing announcement. So far, he hasn’t made any sudden movements.

BKEX announced that it will list the Minifootball token in another announcement. MINIFOOTBALL/USDT processes start from 6 November. Withdrawals will be open on November 7.

MINIFOOTBALL price reacted to the listing announcement by over 5%. It is currently trading at $0.000000000159.

What is PLC Ultima (PLCU)?

PLCU is a deflationary currency with a maximum token supply of 11,000,000 PLCU. But unlike other deflationary cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, PLCU is not designed to be used as a store of value. In fact, PLCU’s website describes it as an infrastructure project that aims to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional businesses. Simply put, the currency will not be used as an investment, but to pay for goods and services.

What is minifootball (MINIFOOTBALL)?

MINIFOOTBALL is a BSC-based BEP-20 token. The token also drew attention when it was revealed that it had the endorsement of a number of football stars, notably Brazil world cup winner Ronaldinho and Spanish midfielder Denis Suarez. The system’s processes are taxable. 1% is redistributed to other owners. 4% is split in the middle to help the system run on Binance and liquidity pools. 8% goes towards a prize fund for competitions.

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