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Gold investor Robert Kiyosaki explains why he bought Bitcoin by talking about pension funds and inflation.

Robert Kiyosaki says Bitcoin is backed by funds

The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad shared why he bought Bitcoin in several tweets on Friday. In his post, he says that he prefers Bitcoin as some of his pension funds are leaving cryptocurrencies. Kiyosaki cited it in an article published by Forbes. This article shows that 94% of America’s state and local government pensions are invested in cryptocurrencies. Tweeting the article to his 1.2 million followers, Kiyosaki wrote:

Why am I buying Bitcoin? Pension funds are the world’s largest investment enterprises.

The survey is part of the latest Investor Belief Study published in April by the CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals. The study shows that institutional investors are becoming larger users of cryptocurrencies. It also reveals that two-thirds of institutions are currently investing in these artifacts.

Robert Kiyosaki explains in detail why he recommends buying gold, silver and Bitcoin

The famous writer revealed that central banks couldn’t fix inflation when pensions nearly collapsed. He noted that pensioners have always invested in gold and silver, and now they invest in Bitcoin.

Last week, the Bank of England told lawmakers it was hours before some pension funds collapsed when it decided to intervene in the British bond market after a major UK government bond sale.

fake money As you follow, the famous author also recently warned that the end of the dollar is coming. He urged investors to invest in “real money” called gold, silver and Bitcoin. Kiyosaki has been recommending that you buy Bitcoin in addition to gold and silver for a while. Last month, he urged investors to get into crypto ahead of the biggest crash in world history. He stated that he expects Bitcoin price to test $1,100 in June.

Last week, he said there will be opportunities to buy gold, silver and Bitcoin as the Fed continues to raise interest rates. He also claimed that the US dollar would collapse by January next year after the Fed’s return.

This wasn’t the first time Kiyosaki had predicted the end of the dollar. Earlier this year, he said the dollar was about to explode, noting that the Fed and the Treasury had destroyed the dollar. Last month, he said the end of fake money was coming. As a result, according to Kiyosaki, scarce assets such as gold, silver and Bitcoin will come to the fore in economic collapses. The famous author is encouraging investors to enter crypto before the biggest economic collapse in world history occurs.

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